Worrying Fashion Trends: the lace-top dress


We’ve featured lace topped dresses a couple of times now here at The Fashion Police, but while one or two could be considered an "accident", three or four starts to feel like the beginning of a trend, and we’re starting to see so many of these around now that we have grave cause for concern.

The dress shown above is by Bec & Bridge, and is available from My-Catwalk.com, who advise wearing it with a nude coloured bandeau bra underneath. That’ll certainly stop you actually exposing yourself to the room, but here’s the thing: you’ll still look like you might be. Exposing yourself, that is. Do you really want people to stare at your boobs all night, trying desperately to work out whether they’re nude or not? If you do, this is £82 – enjoy! And if you don’t – join the club. We’re glad it’s not just us!

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