Wipe-Clean Clothes: DSquared2 denim and PVC jeans

Well, this is certainly ONE way to make sure you never stain your shiny new jeans: and when we say “shiny”, we mean it literally in this case, because look at the gloss on these!

Now, granted, “gloss” is something we’re more used to associating with lipstick than with clothes, and these have a kind of “shrinkwrapped” look to them which makes us want to peel the top layer off them and get to the denim beneath. It would be like peeling the protective film off a brand new gadget, and it would actually be quite fun, although it would also completely defeat the purpose of these DSquared2 creations.

What do you think of them? Do you welcome the arrival of wipe-clean clothes, or do you prefer your denim to actually LOOK like denim? If you’re of the former opinion, these are £351 at Louisa Via Roma.

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