Winter Wishlists: What’s on yours?


Winter’s a-comin’. No, we don’t want to think it about it either, but facts have to be faced, folks, and as the nights draw in and the cold wind blows, at least there’s one small fact that will comfort us: at least we have an excuse to buy some new winter clothes.

So, what’s on your Winter Wishlist for 2008? Take a look under the jump to find out what’s on ours…

1. A new winter coat

It doesn’t have to be French Connection’s Dona jacket (above), but something smart, stylish and above all, warm, will have to be added to our wardrobe this year. This is one of the items we’re always prepared to spend that bit extra on because, let’s face it, when you live in a country as cold as we do, it’s pretty much the only item of your clothing anyone will ever see. [ Dona jacket, £140,]

2. A pair of long leather gloves

We love bracelet-length sleeves on our jackets, and there are still a lot of them around this winter – a pair of long gloves is essential for underneath them! [gloves, £24, River Island]

3. Ankle boots

We stocked up on knee and calf-highs last winter, so this year it’s the turn of the ankle boots. Faith’s Stogo may be just a little bit girlie with their ruffles and bows, but hey, since when did we let that stop us? [Stogo ankle boots, £80, Faith]

4. A thick hoodie

We’ve said this before, but it gets so cold inside the Fashion Police HQ during the winter that sometimes (well, most times) we need to wear something that’s almost as warm as a coat, but not quite as bulky. We like this hoodie by Motel, which still manages to look smart, while being super-cosy… [Kaylee hoodie, £45, Motel]

5. All the cardigans you can throw at us…

Cardigans are our guilty fashion addiction: they may not be glamorous, but when you’re as cold-blooded as we are (no, we’re not vampires although we have been mistaken for them…) they’re a year-round essential, and we firmly believe you can never have too many. This winter we’re going to be in our element, with all of the longline cardigans that are currently flooding the stores. We’ll take one in every colour, thanks… [Cardigan, £32, Topshop]

6. A holiday to somewhere hot

Well, it is a "wish" list, after all…

So tell us: what are you planning on buying to get you through the winter?

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