Winter Warmers: Anthropologie’s Defy-The-Odds Sweater Jacket

milatary style Anthropologie cardigan

As regular readers will already know, your Chief of Police suffers from the unfortunate condition of Being Constantly Freezing. One of our favourite solutions to this situation, which can create serious havoc with the fashion sense, is to call on the services of our old friend, the Cardigan-That-Looks-Like-a-Jacket.

With the help of a good CTLLAJ, you can continue to look stylish while still keeping yourself warm, and we have to say that this particular Cardigan-That-Looks-Like-a-Jacket is one of the nicest ones we’ve seen. It’ll look fantastic with jeans, helping to both dress them up a little bit and provide that much-needed element of warmth. The military look is also very appropriate for the Chief, who just wishes it wasn’t £129.66. If you have no such qualms over price, you can pick one up at Anthropologie.

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