Winter Wardrobe Staple: Intarsia sweaters

intarsia sweaters roundup

Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, it’s winter here in the Northern hemisphere. So what better to wear than a snuggly, fluffy sweater? With, you know, a giant animal emblazoned across the front. What do you mean, you don’t have a giant animal on the front of your fluffy sweater? Well, allow us to fix that for you by rounding some up for you and herding them into the Fashion Police courtroom, where you can judge them to your heart’s content.

Intarsia sweaters are very much a winter staple for some people. From that first one your granny knitted you when you were a toddler, through all of the ones you got for Christmas, right up to the present day, when they’re available in every high street store, we’re willing to bet that the vast majority of you have owned at least ONE piece of knitwear with a pattern of some kind knitted into it, are we right? Would you wear one now, though? Well, there are so many of them available this month that at least SOME of you must be…

Of course, the pattern doesn’t necessarily HAVE to include an animal. Swans, cats and swallows are popular right now, but so are hearts, slogans and the classic “holiday” prints like snowmen, reindeer and Christmas trees, so really, anything goes. The ugly holiday sweater has been well and truly reborn: but what do you think of them? Will you be snuggling up in one of these this December?

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