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Winter Fashion Trends 2011: The Cold Shoulder

Look, everyone, this model is giving us the cold shoulder! Should we be offended?

(Sorry, we couldn’t resist it…)

OK, we speak in jest. Well, sort of. There’s no denying that anyone wearing this shirt would probably HAVE a cold shoulder, is there? In fact, they’d have two. It’s that old conundrum: cold enough for long sleeves, but warm enough for bare shoulders. Philosophers have puzzled over this kind of thing for years.

We’re puzzling it over too, now, because the fact is, this is not an isolated incident. Nope, no sooner had we spotted this offender, than we suddenly started seeing cold shoulders EVERYWHERE. We’ve started to wonder if they’re stalking us, actually, and seriously, a Shirt Stalker isn’t something we’d wish on ANYONE. Trust us on that.

Anyway, having seen this style a lot more often than we usually would recently, we naturally got to wondering what you’d all think of it. Of course, there are worse things in the world than a cold shoulder. Like a cold ass, say. Or a clutchbag that looks like a pair of men’s underpants. But what do you think of exposed shoulder garments? Pretty? Or just pointless?

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