4 Winter Fashion Crimes to Avoid

winter fashion crimes

Each season has its own set of fashion crimes, that are particular to the season they occur in.

Summer, for instance, has socks with sandals, and inappropriate use of swimwear (here’s a clue: if you’re wearing a bikini in a public place that isn’t the beach, pool or jacuzzi, it’s probably “inappropriate”). Winter, meanwhile, has some of these…

Not dressing warmly enough for the weather

Look, we can’t wait for spring either, AND we hate wearing boots, tights, layers – anything connected to winter, and the idea of being “bundled up”, basically. But when you’re out in the snow wearing short sleeves and bare feet in pumps, it doesn’t really matter how stylish your outfit is – you’re just going to look like you’ve no idea how to dress yourself, aren’t you? Equally, though…

Being overly “bundled up”

Can you tell we hate the phrase “bundled up”? People are not “bundles”, and unless it’s REALLY cold outside, they don’t need to LOOK like “bundles”, either. ¬†Over-dressing for the weather can look just as silly as under-dressing, so find a happy medium and stick with it: not only will you look better, you should feel more comfortable, too.

Trying to “winterize” a summer dress

We don’t know about you, but we always seem to be coming across articles helping people find ways to “wintrize” summer clothing. Our number one tip on this subject, though, is this: don’t bother. Just buy winter clothes. Unless you genuinely can’t afford to buy a few items that are actually designed to be worn in winter, obviously, there should be no reason to layer a cotton sundress up with woolly tights and a thick cardigan: because doing that won’t miraculously make it look like a WINTER dress, will it? Nope, it’ll just make it look like… a cotton sundress, being worn with winter woollies. And trust us when we tell you, it’s not a great look…

Ugg boots in the snow

Ugg boots are soft, snuggly, and fall into that “ugly-but-practical” category, which means we don’t hate them nearly as much as you might think we would. Here’s the thing, though: Ugg boots are not designed to be worn in the snow. They don’t work in the snow. They get soggy and wet, and then you’re essentially wearing a wet sheep on your feet: nice.

And there you have it! Avoiding these winter fashion crimes won’t get you completely off the hook with The Fashion Police – but at least it’ll be a start…

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