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Winter 2011 Fashion Trends: Primark Preview

It’s no good: we’ve been trying to delay the inevitable for as long as we could, but even The Fashion Police are powerless to prevent the march of time, and even although we’ve only just dusted off our bathing suits, and Shoeperwoman hasn’t worn even half of her collection of summer sandals, we’re forced to admit that winter fashion is upon us.

The stores and websites we frequent as part of our daily Fashion Policing duties are starting to fill up with winter woolies. Our favourite fashion bloggers are talking about coats and boots. It’s time to talk about winter fashion trends for 2011, and what the future holds, and what better way to do it than with a preview of that pinnacle of fast fashion, the Polyester Palace of Primark.

Here at The Fashion Police, we always look forward to seeing what Primark has to offer us each season, because it offers a pretty good insight into what people will actually wear in the coming season. Sure, Net-a-Porter will offer up the inevitable “Must Haves” of the season, but how many people do YOU know who buy an entire new designer wardrobe each season? We thought so.

(We say this will give us an insight into what people will wear. We’re not so sure about the orange satin maxi dress, to be honest, although we’ve been surprised by things like this before…)

So, what can we conclude about 2011 winter fashion trends from this quick look at Primark? Well…

  • There will be colourblocking. Lots of it. You will throw on every colour in your closet at the same time, and you will like it. Or maybe you won’t like it. If you don’t, it’ll be too  bad, though, because it’ll be hard to buy clothes that aren’t bright yellow, bright blue, bright orange, bright pink, or bright something-else. There are five different colours in the outfit at the top of the page. Maybe you could try to beat that?
  • There will be darker colours too, though: tweed jackets, wool skirts, muted, earthy tones. Same as every winter, really.
  • We’re going back to the 70s. Jumpsuits, pussy-bow blouses, floppy hats: they’re back! Again.
  • There will be faux fur. Specifically dalmatian print. Let Cruella De Vil be your fashion icon, folks!
  • Some people will wear that orange maxi dress. They will be braver people than us.
What’s the verdict, Fashion Jurors? Take a look at the gallery and tell us what you think!
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