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Will jogging pants ever be stylish? These ones want to give it a go…

Leopard print jogging bottoms. For those who wish to “work” the jogging-pants-with-stilettos trend, and feel that regular jogging pants just aren’t fancy enough, perhaps?

For those who like to get their fashion on, even when they’re at the gym, or slobbing out in front of the TV?

For you?

If the answer to the last question was “yes”, click here to buy them at River Island. If the answer was “no”, however, perhaps Dorothy Perkins can interest you in their denim joggers?

Yes, readers, it’s starting. Jogging pants want to come out of the gym and off the sofa, and into mainstream, fashionable life. They’re tired of being leisure wear, or the things you pull on when you just want to comfortable, and don’t care what you look like. They want to be considered stylish, dammit!

Is their quest likely to succeed? Have these ones convinced you to buy them? Do tell…

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