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Fashion Police Poll: Do you own a “classic” white shirt?

White_shirt When I was reading over your answers to our recent Fashion Confessions post, I noticed that, like me, a lot of you admitted to not owning a white shirt. Given that so many fashion editorials list the so-called "classic" white shirt as one of those "wardrobe essentials" that every woman must own, I found myself wondering why this is. Has the humble white shirt had its day? Is it perhaps not quite so classic as the fashion editors seem to think it is?

For me, my lack of white shirts (or any shirts, to be perfectly honest) has nothing to do with appearance, and everything to do with comfort. I just hate wearing the things. I apparently own an upper body that white-shirt makers find impossible to dress. Loose shirts are either too short, and constantly coming un-tucked, or else are so long that I have to walk around all day with a huge amount of material bunched up under my skirt or trousers.

Fitted shirts, meanwhile, generally gape at the bust, are too low at the neck, and still don’t fit at the waits. No matter how many shirts I’ve tried (and to be honest, I haven’t tried particularly hard with this, because there aren’t many occasions in my life when a shirt would seem like appropriate attire), I always end up feeling horribly uncomfortable – not to mention feeling like I’m either at a job interview or back at school.

So tell me, then: do you own this so-called wardrobe staple? And if not, why not?

(PS – the shirt in the picture is £15 from Debenhams)

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