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Style on Trial: White jeans


They appear in the stores every summer, but most of the women we know approach white jeans with caution – either because they’re worried about getting them stained, they’re worried they’ll be less than flattering on, or they’re just worried they’ll look like Liz Hurley. All are valid concerns, and yet there’s still something about white jeans that makes us wonder if we should really be wearing them.

Well, The Fashion Police HQ is home to a small, but very muddy police dog (We use him to sniff out the Crocs…) so white jeans wouldn’t last more than a few minutes round these here parts. Despite this, we think they can look fabulous worn with a nautical style stripy t-shirt and some bright sandals. In fact, we reckon they can be surprisingly versatile, for those who can get away with them.  What do you think? Do you/would you wear white jeans?

[All jeans in the image above are from River Island]


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