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When socks and boots collide: Dolce & Gabbana’s Over-The-Knee Wool Sock Boots

Socks Pretending to be Boots

Is it a sock? Is it a boot? Is it… Superman?

It’s both, readers! (Note: sock and boot, we mean. Not superman. It’s not that good.) These are Dolce & Gabbana’s over-the-knee-wool-sock-boots, and obviously this is a clear-cut case of Impostor Footwear. We could throw the book at them for this, if we wanted to.

Why is this different from all of the other cases of socks-pretending-to-be-boots we’ve apprehended over the years, though? Because this time – and we can hardly bear to type this – this time we don’t hate them. We have no idea why. We should hate them. We’ve hated all of the Footwear Impostors that have come before them, and we’ve often spoken of our belief that an item of clothing should be exactly what it looks like, with no attempt to deceive. But… we don’t know. We wouldn’t say we particularly love these, either, but maybe we’ve become so used to seeing socks pretending to be boots that we’ve gotten used to it, even started to see it as – gasp! – normal.

Either that or we’ve been sniffing the eyeball bleach again.

What do YOU think of these?

(Click here to buy them at Saks.)

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