When Layers Go Wrong

layered jumpsuit

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Fashion bloggers love layers. LOVE them. Every year around about now they all start banging on about how they’re SO TIRED of summer (What summer?) and just CAN’T WAIT for fall (“It’s my favourite season!”) so they can “get all bundled up” in lots and lots of LAYERS.

I realise I’m alone in this, but absolutely nothing about it sounds attractive for me. For one, I am not a “bundle”. And for two, I repeat, NOT A BUNDLE. So I don’t want to LOOK like a “bundle”, and I definitely don’t want to FEEL like a “bundle”, with tons of clothes all restricting my movements and making the simple act of getting dressed feel a bit like wrapping a parcel. With all of that said, layers ARE definitely practical, and they CAN work, if they’re done right. The jumpsuit above, however (Because, yes, that’s a jumpsuit, not just an awkwardly-layered outfit. This makes it guilty of committing Stuck Together Clothes Crimes, on top of everything else…), is NOT an example of layering “done right”. Actually, this is the kind of thing we think of when people start banging on about how they’re going to “winter-ize a summer top” by wearing layers underneath it. NO, people. This doesn’t work. I mean, you COULD “winter-ize” a summer top, sure. Or you COULD just wear a WINTER top. That’s already winter-ized. And that won’t make you look like you covered yourself in glue, then rolled around in a pile of clothes and went out wearing whatever happened to stick.

While we’re on the subject, this?

layered dress

This isn’t any better. It looks like your dress has been in an accident and the paramedics have patched it together any way possible, and still with the whole “bra over the shirt” thing. Although we guess that might be the whole point…

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