When funnel neck coats go too far…


We’ve been bigging up oversized collars since the very start of our Coat Corner feature this year, so if you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably already sussed that this is a look The Fashion Police like. A lot. As with all good things, though, you can take it too far, and if your name happens to be Martin Margiela, chances are you will take it too far. And this is what you’ll end up with.

Now, we realise the mannequin this piece is being shown on is already headless, but that collar is so mighty we have a feeling that even those of us blessed with a head would look pretty freaky when viewed from behind, in a ‘Headless Horeswoman" kinda way. This would make the coat a fantastic conversation piece, a true head-turner (don’t bother turning your head in it, though – you still won’t be able to see anything) and an excellent coat for Halloween. We’d buy it for those reasons alone – or we would if it didn’t cost £980. Would you buy it?

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