When bags go bad: Judith Leiber dachshund fine crystal-embellished clutch

We all remember that iconic moment in Sex and the City, when Big hands Carrie an exciting looking gift bag which she opens to find… the ugly swan purse. The world’s reaction to the ugly swan purse must have given designers the world over a hint as to just how unpopular these crystal encrusted clutches are.

Or so you’d think.

In fairness to Judith Leiber, Carrie did redeem her designs somewhat, giving Leiber’s jewel encrusted cupcake a starring role in the film. So perhaps we should cut her a little slack when placing this particularly delightful offering in the docks…

Still, the fact remains that this is a crystal-encrusted purse, in the shape of a dachshund. It gives the phrase “doggy bag” a whole new definition!

If you’re a crystal canine lover and want to advertise the fact through your accessories, you can buy the Judith Leiber dachshund fine crystal encrusted purse from Net-a-Porter for £4,295.

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