What to Wear to… Work

what to wear to Work

I don’t have to wear a suit to work anymore (this being because my “office” is otherwise known as “the spare bedroom, with a couple of desks in it” and the dress code is “whatever the hell I feel like, but mostly whatever I was wearing to bed the night before” – GOD), but if I did wear a suit to work, this is the suit I’d wear. I’m loving the tailored, 1940s vibe of the French Connection pencil skirt and jacket, and while you could play it safe with a nice pair of sensible court shoes here, these teal knee boots by poetic licence are just too nice to pass up – not to mention giving the outfit a more modern twist that’ll stop you look like you’re on your way to a costume party as a 40s typist. The clutch bag doesn’t quite match the boots, and won’t hold too many of your office essentials, but hey…I like it.

French Connection ‘Ava’ Jacket – £110
Matching skirt – £55
Teal leather boots by Poetic Licence – £140
Clucth bag – Miss Selfride – £8
TOTAL: £313

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