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What to Wear to a Concert

what to wear to a concert


This is actually a trickier question than you might at first think: concerts SEEM like a great excuse to dress your best after all, but then again, you’re probably going to be getting hot, sweaty, and possibly stamped on a few times, so you also need to go with something practical. So what to wear?

Well, first things first: before you can decide what to wear to a concert, you need to know what KIND of concert it is. If you’re going to be sitting down, listening to classical music, say, you’ll probably want to dress a little differently from someone going to a rock concert. If it’s country music you’re into, meanwhile, the dress code might be different again. For the purposes of this article, though, we’re going to assume it’s some kind of rock or pop concert you’re dressing for. Which brings us to the next question…


If you’re going to be in a seated area, rather than in the middle of the mosh pit, say, you can pretty much wear whatever you like: concerts tend to be pretty casual, so a smartened up version of whatever you usually wear is a safe enough bet, but hey – you do you.

If you’re standing, on the other hand, you’re going to be on your feet for several hours, and probably squashed in amongst the rest of the crowd. It’ll be hot, sweaty and there’s a good chance someone will end up spilling a drink on you at some point, so here’s the first rule of dressing for a concert:


Seriously, no matter how much you want to “dress up”, be aware that whatever you wear is going to be soaked in sweat, and God knows what else by the end of the night – delicate fabrics, expensive clothing, and things that have to be dry cleaned are probably a no-no, then.

Instead, choose fabrics that’ll “breathe”, colours that don’t stain too easily (or clothes old/inexpensive enough that you don’t really care if they do), and clothing that’s comfortable to move around it. Pay particular attention to shoes: if the crowd’s a particularly lively one, you WILL get pushed around a bit, so slip on shoes – which can just as easily slip OFF – are best avoided. Instead, choose boots, sneakers or other shoes that offer some protection to your toes, and which are secure enough not to go flying off your feet when you dance. If you can comfortably stand/dance in heels, go for it – if not, choose something comfortable enough to stand around in, because you’ll be doing quite a lot of it.

Bear in mind that temperatures get pretty hot at concerts: if you’re wearing a coat or jacket, you’ll probably want to take it off, but unless there’s a handy cloakroom to check it into (and there probably won’t be), that means you’ll be left holding it for the duration of the concert. To avoid that, it’s easier to wear layers which can be easily added or removed: if you think you’ll be cold on the way to the venue, but warm inside, try to choose outerwear you can tie around your waist rather than something that you’ll want to hang up.

As for the specifics of what to wear – well, that’s really up to you to decide. You’ll likely see a lot of people in jeans and band tees, so if your aim is to fit in, that’s an easy way to do it. If you’re happy to stick to your own style, though, there’s no reason not to – as long as you bear the points above in mind.

Have fun!

What To Wear

Heart print pieces for Valentine’s Day

heart-print clothes for Valentine;s day

Valentine’s day: whether you love it or hate it, you just can’t avoid it – not even here at TFP, we’re sorry to say.

(Actually, you probably could: you could head out into the wilderness, or travel to some far-distant land, where no one cares about pink hearts and other romantic cliques. We’re willing to be that even there you’d bump into at least one person who’d ask if you got any cards, or what your plans are for the “big day”.

Are you picking up on the fact that we’re not huge fans of Valentine’s Day? That’s good: we were worried we weren’t making it quite clear enough.

Here’s the thing, though – our shameful secret, if you will: we might not be big fans of Valentine’s day itself (or, more truthfully, of the hysteria that generally surrounds it), but we DO have a bit of a soft spot for heart print clothes. And shoes. And accessories. And, oh, what the hell – we’ve even included a heart-shaped dish in this list, because why not? It’ll look good on Instagram. You’ll thank us later.

Now, we don’t normally go in for “themed” dressing, and the only kind of holiday we’re remotely interested in dressing for is the type that involves us lying on the beach for most of the day, and then getting all dressed up for dinner in the evening. But soft pinks and shades of blush, combined with rose gold and maybe a bit of red? That gets our vote, especially at the end of a long, dark winter, when even your hard-hearted Fashion Police are able to be won over by a bit of romance…

pink heart cardigan; heart-front pumps; gold watch; heart print scarf; green shoulder bag; heart pattern sweater; heart flats; heart dish ; heart and arrow earrings

What To Wear

5 Effortlessly Stylish Minimal Outfits to Wear This Week

Well, it’s Monday again, which means you have a whole week’s worth of outfits to plan. 

Never fear, though: The Fashion Police are here to help you decide what to wear this week! Here are some effortless ensembles to get you from Mon – Fri with ease: as for the weekend, well, we’ll leave that one up to you!

knit midi dress and ankle boots

Knit dress and ankle boots

A knitted rollneck dress is such an easy thing to wear, but it always looks good, and can be dressy or casual as required. Don’t be put off by the pale colour of Zara’s knit midi dress: it’ll make a refreshing change from all of the dull colours people tend to wear at this time of year, but of course, if you’re really worried, it also comes in black. For an easy shortcut to style, pair your dress with the same, or a similarly coloured pair of boots, as show (just) in the image above: don’t worry, it won’t look too matchy-matchy, it’ll just create that “effortless” look we’re always putting so much, well, effort, into creating…

black dress, black tights

Head-to-toe black

All-black: a look favoured by fashion editors, and anyone else who favours no-fuss style that’s suitable for just about any occasion. Some might class it as “boring”, but the person in head-to-toe black will always stand out in a crowded room, and these looks can be some of the most memorable. The key to making this one work is to make sure every item fits perfectly, and to try mixing textures: in this photo, for instance, Banana Republic’s black shift dress and tights are paired with a pair of shiny patent shoes, which help add  a bit of interest to the look.

poncho and skinny jeans

Chunky knit, skinny jeans

Nothing says “model off-duty” quite like a chunky knit paired with a pair of skinny jeans. For this look, Joules have paired their Tessa cable-knit poncho with the kind of mid-blue jeans that are always cropping up on “items every woman should own” lists – and with good reason, too. The blue and grey mix is one you can’t go wrong with: just add ankle boots, and you’re good to go!

colourful cropped trousers and black sweater

Colourful crops

We love these mustard yellow ankle-length trousers from ASOS: it’s a colour a lot of people shy away from, but paired with a simple black sweater and a pair of high-heeled pumps, it’s one of those minimal look which has tons of impact. Wearing just one or two colours is a really easy way to simplify your look and create a very “grown up” kind of feel – there’s a reason why so many of the women most often described as “stylish” are so often seen wearing just a couple of colours at most!

waterfall cardigan and leather pants

Waterfall cardigan and leather pants

Don’t fear the leather pants! Once the sole province of ageing rockers, you’ll now find them all over Pinterest -most usually paired with chunky knits, or the ubiquitous camel coat. We’ve already shown you a camel coat today, so here’s a pair of skinny leather pants paired with a grey waterfall cardigan instead: we’d personally switch the peep toe boots for regular ones, though – it’s just a little too chilly for bare toes!

five effortlessly minimal outfits to wear right now


What To Wear

Essential Items to Help You Stay Stylish This Winter

Looking stylish is tough in the winter: in fact, when you’re faced with freezing temperatures and streets filled with ice and slush, it can be tempting to give up altogether, and simply retreat into layer upon layer of winter woolies – no matter WHAT they look like. 

The good news is that it IS possible to stay stylish during the winter. Hard, maybe… but possible. Here’s what you need…

4 closet essentials to help you stay stylish this winter

01. Boots that work with dresses and trousers

Footwear is often the biggest stumbling block when it comes to winter style. Bulky boots can make an otherwise awesome outfit look messy, and a pair of that’s too slouchy will ruin the line of dresses and skirts. The trick here is to find yourself a pair of boots that works with everything: for this, we recommend tracking down a great pair of shoe boots (or shoots, or booties, or whatever you want to call them…): because they’re low profile, and designed to hug the foot and ankle, they’ll work with absolutely everything you want to wear with them, and you won’t have to worry about finding the right calf-width or leg height, either. There are tons of different styles out there, too, so there’s bound to be one that works for you.

02. A coat that will go over all of your outfits

Coats can also be tricky to get right, especially if you tend to wear clothes in a variety of different styles. The boyfriend coat that looks amazing over skinny jeans, for instance, won’t look so great with a full skirt, and that brightly coloured peacoat that’s so amazing with black and neutrals is suddenly useless on days when you want to wear something equally bright underneath it. As tempting as it is to build up a coat closet that ensures you have outerwear for every occasion, however, when you’re on a budget, it can be a better idea to simply stick to a neutral colour, and a shape that will fit over ALL your outfits. This can be easier said than done, obviously, and will require some careful analysis of your closet, and the types of clothes you wear most often, but The Fashion Police’s quick guide to coats should be of some help.

03. Thermal underwear

No, it’s not glamourous, but although fashion bloggers might gush about ‘layering’ (Which is simply fashion-speak for ‘wearing one item of clothing over another item of clothing’), “bundling up” isn’t always comfortable, and it doesn’t always look great, either. A better option can be to invest in some thermals: yes, it’s still technically “layering”, but you’ll need fewer layers to stay warm, and when you get to your destination, at least you won’t have to spend ages un-wrapping yourself.

04. Fleece-lined tights

Thick tights don’t sound particularly glamorous either, and, well, that’s because they’re not really. They’re way better than all of the aforementioned “layering”, though, so grab yourself a pair of fleece-lined tights, and continue wearing the same dresses and skirts you wore before the cold snap hit.

What To Wear

Fashion Police Picks of the Day: Clothes for a rainy day

rainy day outfit

If you live in the British isles, we’re sure you’ll have noticed that it hasn’t stopped raining now for, ooh, about 50 years, give or take.

Not only is this pretty depressing for those of us who live here, it also creates all kinds of sartorial issues, so for today’s Pick of the Day, we present you with this emerald green shower-proof trench coat from F&F.  The classic trench coat never goes out of style (that’s why it’s a classic, obviously), but if beige is too boring for you, the bright green of this coat will brighten your day – and if you don’t fancy that, perhaps the bright red will be more to your liking? (And it also comes in beige, just in case you really DO prefer to keep it classic…)

This doesn’t have a hood, so you’ll also need this heart-print umbrella – and maybe a pair of glitter wellies, too. (Don’t worry, they’re subtle enough for you to still feel like a grown-up while you’re wearing them…)

Of course, once you’ve got the outerwear sorted, you can wear pretty much anything you like underneath. We’ve picked this polka dot wrap dress from Uttam Boutique, just because we like it (It also helps that it’s the kind of dress you can wear to work AND out for drinks afterwards…), and because we’re pretty sure you’re not going to want to walk around in your wellies all day, we’ve also included a bag large enough for you to pop your regular shoes into, so you can wear them later.

None of this will change the weather, of course: we’re The Fashion Police, not God. But if it’s going to keep on raining anyway – and it very much looks like it is, unfortunately – you may as well look good, and have a bit of fun in the process, no?


What To Wear

How to Wear a Red Pleated Skirt 3 Different Ways

red pleated skirt from Topshop

Pleated skirts go in and out of fashion all the time: but for every woman out there who somehow manages to look effortlessly elegant in them, there’s another one wondering why she just looks like a little old lady, rather than a Pinterest Princess. 

The pleated skirt can take a bit of careful styling to get right: to help you on your way, here are three ways to wear this red pleated skirt by Topshop…

Red Pleated Skirt, Take One: Dramatic

red pleated skirt with matching sweater and leopard print shoes

sweater / shoes / watch

Some might dismiss this look as too matchy-matchy, but when you think about it, if it was a red dress, rather than a sweater and skirt, you’d probably have no issue with it, so don’t let the fear of being “too matchy” hold you back! Actually, looks which concentrate on just one colour can have tons of impact, despite being super-simple to pull together. For this look, we’ve added a pair of leopard print pumps, for added drama, plus a swipe of bright red lipstick – simple but stylish.

red pleated skirt with stripe top and black flats

top / shoes / sunglasses / bag 

Red pleated skirt, take two: classic

Black, white and red: it never gets old, does it? There’s something about a stripe top with a red bottom that instantly looks classic, so we’ve paired Topshop’s red pleated skirt with one of H&M’s off the shoulder tops (they’ve been releasing these all year, in a variety of colours, and they’re an awesome – and inexpensive – wardrobe basic) for a classic, chic look. Just add a pair of pointed flats and you’re good to go.

red pleated skirt and white t-shirt

t-shirt / sneakers / jacket / bag

Red pleated skirt, take three: casual

There are those who believe skirts can’t ever be casual, but this outfit is here to prove them wrong: it doesn’t really get more casual than sneakers and a t-shirt, and it’ll be just as comfortable as any other “casual” look you can throw together too: we promise.

What To Wear

5 Alternatives to Dresses for New Year’s Eve

We love dresses. And, chances are, you probably love dresses too – or like them, at least. 

Sometimes, though, no matter how much you like something, you just feel like a change. Here are five things to wear on New Year’s Eve – and not a dress in sight!

tuxedo jacket

A tuxedo jacket

A menswear-inspired tuxedo jacket is dressy enough for just about anything, and makes a really nice alternative to a dress. Wear with tailored trousers if you want to keep it classic, or over leather/sequinned leggings for a more contemporary look.

black jumpsuit

A jumpsuit

We never thought we’d see the day when we’d be actually recommending you wear a jumpsuit, but jumpsuits have come a long way from the days when they were mostly denim and/or so baggy you could probably parachute in them if you really had to. We’d willingly wear this one from ASOS, which would look fantastic with a pair of killer heels, some simple jewellery and a bold red lip.


red culottes

Culottes have been trendy for a while now, but don’t let that put you off: they offer all the comfort of your favourite pair of loose trousers, but all the style of a skirt or dress: and, OK, the ones shown are technically a jumpsuit, so there’s a little bit of crossover with the previous option, but you’ll also find them on their own, ready to be paired with a sparkly top, or other evening-appropriate item.

Dress shorts

dress shorts

Yes, you heard us: dress shorts. It’s time to ditch the idea that shorts are only for summer, only for casual wear, or only for the under 20s. If we had legs like this girl, we’d wear short-shorts all the time, and nothing you could say would stop us, but even if you don’t have long, model legs, shorts can can be a surprisingly dressy option, as long as you go for a pair that are tailored, and wear something not-too-revealing on top. Yes, you’ll need a bit of extra confidence if you’re not used to showing of your legs, but if ever there was a time to try something new, the start of a new year is definitely that time…

Fancy Pants

Boden party trousers

Finally, there’s no shortage of dressy trousers on the market for those who don’t want to wear either a dress OR any of the above. We love Boden’s party trousers, which come in three different colours. 

What To Wear

5 Style Mistakes Not to Make at the Office Christmas Party

5 style mistakes to avoid at the office Christmas party

Ah, the office Christmas party! A time to connect with your colleagues over canapes and cocktails, celebrate the end of another working year, and maybe get to know them a little better, away from the stress and formality of the office.

The office Christmas party, however, can also be a sartorial minefield for those who secretly quite like having a dress code to stick to, and don’t have a clue what to wear when their trusty tailored dress or trouser suit is off limits. To help you along, here are 5 style mistakes to avoid at the office Christmas party…

01. Dressing like you’re going to the club afterwards

Even if you ARE going to the club afterwards, it’s not a great idea to break out that bodycon mini dress in front of your boss – and your boss’s boss. And your boss’s boss’s boss. And so on an so forth. You might not be at the office, but you WILL be back in the office after the holidays, and you’ll be seeing all the same people who are now seeing your cleavage in all its unrestrained glory. You don’t have to be quite as buttoned-up as you would be in a totally professional setting, but it IS a good idea to still try to present a professional image – so if you’d wear it to the club, maybe stash it in your bag and change into AFTER the office party.

02. Dressing like you’re at the office

If your office party is just a few drinks around the photocopier at the end of the working day, then you’re obviously not going to have much of an option here, but if the Christmas party is taking place off the premises, and you’ll be going home to change first, don’t just turn up in something you’d wear to work. You might think it’s the safest – and therefore best – option, but while it will at least ensure you don’t make mistake number one, it will ALSO make you look like a bit of a party pooper, who resents being forced to have fun. Even if you ARE reluctant attendee at the office bash, and are just waiting it out until you can make your exit without causing offence, it’s a good idea to keep those thoughts to yourself, and try to at least LOOK like you’re joining in. So put your game face on – and your party clothes, too.

03. Wearing the same thing every year

We all know that person who has just the one party outfit, and who rolls it out every year, and to every special event. We’re not saying you have to maintain a closet full of sequins, or invest a lot of money in clothes you’ll hardly ever wear, but if your little black dress has started to become a standing joke, and your colleagues are taking bets on whether or not you’ll manage to get one more year out of it, it might be time for a refresh.

04. Wearing something totally over the top

The office party is a good opportunity to let your colleagues get to know the ‘real’ you, as opposed to the work version of yourself which you present Monday – Friday. It’s NOT, however, an opportunity to show off and make yourself the centre of attention, so even if you think it’ll be hilarious to turn up dressed as Santa Claus, or wearing a sweater that plays Jingle Bells, try to resist…

05. Not making an effort

At the opposite end of the scale are those people who REALLY can’t be bothered, and who don’t mind showing it. Even if you’d rather be somewhere else, try to remember that your employer has made the effort to do something nice: it’s only fair that you ALSO make an effort, and leave the sweatpants at home…

What To Wear

What to Wear on Christmas Morning : cute loungewear and sleepwear options

Most of us will put a bit of thought into what we wear on Christmas day – but we’d argue that what you wear in Christmas morning is just as important. Well, no one wants to look back at photos of themselves in a ratty old dressing gown or worn out pair of PJs, so here are some smart-but-comfortable options for a stylish morning with zero effort required: any time is a good time to invest in some new nightwear/loungewear, and the best thing about these pieces is that because they’re not “Christmas” themed, you can wear them all year round…


chritmas morning outfit

joggers / sweatshirt / slippers

We never thought we’d see the day when we’d be calling jogging pants “stylish”, but joggers have come a long way, and these cashmere ones from Topshop will add a luxury touch to your loungewear: in fact, you probably won’t want to take them off, and hey – that’s OK, too. Well, it IS Christmas, after all…

loungewear outfit for Christmas morning

leggings / cardigan / cami / slippers

A cosy cable-knit cardi (Which will be a useful addition to your wardrobe for other occasions, too), a comfy pair of leggings, and snuggly slippers : because you CAN be comfortable and stylish at the same time…

nightwear set

pyjamas / dressing gown / slippers

Because sometimes you just don’t want to get dressed. And you shouldn’t have to.

loungewear outfit

socks / PJ bottoms / hoodie 

Finally, a loungewear look so cosy we wish we were wearing it right now…

Oh, and if you’re wondering why you should even care about what you wear around the house or to bed, the answer is you shouldn’t… if you don’t want to. But taking the time to find clothes that make you feel good – even if no one will see them but yourself – is a really easy way to feel a little better about yourself, so it’s worth that extra bit of effort: promise.

What To Wear

What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to wear to a job interview

Working out what to wear to a job interview used to be a whole lot easier. 

Back in the days when many jobs came with set dress codes, there tended to be a much bigger divide between what people wore to work (typically suits or other, similarly tailored pieces), and what they wore in their free time. Now, however, as more and more people enter creative fields, and workplaces become more relaxed, working out what to wear to a job interview – and even what to wear once you’ve got the job – can be a bit of a minefield.

There are obviously still plenty of jobs which have easy-to-work-our dress codes, or even uniforms. This article isn’t for people in those kind of jobs, though. This article is for people interviewing for the type of positions where they just don’t know what they should be wearing. We can’t tell you EXACTLY what to wear to a job interview, obviously – that’s going to vary from job to job, and what works for one role might be completely inappropriate for another. But here are some basic guidelines that should help you decide what to wear…

Try to find out what people already working for the company wear

The quickest and most reliable way to work out what’s considered appropriate dress for the company you’re interviewing with is to see for yourself. What do the people who work there wear? If you know someone who already works for the company, this will be really easy for. If you don’t, however, just ask. For some reason, a lot of people don’t feel they should ask what to wear to a job interview, but there’s really nothing wrong with doing just that: no one expects you to be a mind readers, or to just automatically know what the company culture is like, so a simple, “Can I ask what your dress code is?”, directed to the person inviting you to the interview, should be enough to give you all the information you need.

And if all else fails, well, what if you just so happened to be walking past the office when people were arriving or leaving for work? It happens, right? We’re obviously not suggesting you cut two holes in a newspaper and behave like a stalker, but there’s no harm in just walking past, is there?

Dress more smartly than you think you need to

Once you have a rough idea of the kind of thing people wear, it’s time to kick it up a notch. Now, you don’t need to go all-out here and wear a three-piece suit (especially not if you’re interviewing with a company that’s super-casual: you’ll just look and feel horribly out of place), but you do want to be just a little smarter than you’d usually dress. So, if you’ve done your research and found out that people at this company tend to wear ripped jeans and sweaters, say, you’re going to want to wear smart jeans (dark wash, no rips or tears, no fading) with a dressier top or blouse. If people wear casual dresses, wear a slightly more formal dress, with maybe a blazer over the top say. Your goal here is to look like you’ve made an effort, while still looking like you’ll fit in with the rest of the team. Speaking of which…

Don’t be too over-the-top

Having a strong sense of personal style is all well and good, and many people place a great deal of importance on their right to wear what they want, and express their personality and creativity through their clothing. That’s awesome, of course, but the thing is, work isn’t the place to do that: and a job interview REALLY isn’t the place to do it. Because the person interviewing you isn’t interested in how creative you can be with clothing (unless you’re interviewing for a job in fashion obviously, in which case you don’t need this post anyway, do you?) All they care about is how well you’ll be able to do the job, and – as much as you might not want to hear it – how well you’ll fit in with everyone else.

A lot of people take immediate exception to the idea that they should try to “fit in” anywhere – workplaces included. If you want to make a success of your chosen career, though – or just not to end up getting fired – you DO have to make certain compromises, and you do have to make the effort to get along with the people you work with. You might not think that what you wear has any bearing on how well you can do your job, or how you’ll get along with your colleagues, and you’re absolutely right : what you wear has absolutely nothing do with either of those things. None of that, however, changes the fact that your interviewer will judge you on what they can see of you at the interview: and if your chosen outfit makes them feel that you might not be a good fit for the rest of the team, you’ll have less of a chance of being invited back.


Don’t overlook the obvious

There are some tips relating to what to wear to a job interview that seem too obvious to even mention them here. You all know not to wear too much makeup, don’t you? (Some makeup is fine, obviously: just try not to look like you fell head-first into the MAC counter on your way to the interview) Or to turn up looking like you’re going clubbing afterwards? You know to comb your hair, and brush your teeth, and give your clothes a quick going-over with a lint roller: of COURSE you do.

While we don’t want to patronise you by implying you need us to tell you about any of these things, though, the fact is that if you speak to anyone who conducts interviews on a regular basis, you’ll quickly discover that so many people DON’T know these things: or choose to overlook them. So don’t be one of those people, is what we’re saying. The most important thing when working out what to wear to a job interview is to demonstrate that you’re taking it seriously, and have respect for the person interviewing you, and the company you work for. So dress with the same amount of care you would for any other important event – and good luck!

What To Wear

What to Wear In Vegas

what to wear in vegas

Wondering what to wear in Vegas? Amber writes…

So, lately I’ve noticed quite a few people have been arriving at the site looking for info on what to wear in Las Vegas, and it just so happens I can help with that, having just returned from a quick trip there last month. This was our second time in Vegas, although at a different time of year, so my first tip is all about the seasons…

When are you going? 

A lot of people think of Las Vegas as a permanently hot place, but it actually gets pretty cool in winter, so your first task is to check the weather for the dates you’ll be travelling, as you would with any other destination. We visited in late September, which meant stifling daytime temperatures, which turned cooler in the evening, although still warm enough to walk around in short sleeves. In December, meanwhile, it was cold enough for me to need a coat during the day, and a thick sweater underneath it at night: don’t be seduced into thinking it’ll always be hot!

Pack light layers, even in the summer

This might seem like crazy advice, because in the height of summer, Vegas feels like the hottest place on earth. The reason I’m advising that you bring some light layers, however? Air con. The air con in the hotels and casinos is normally set to “freeze your ass off”: I’d walk in from the Strip feeling like I was about to expire from the hear, and within a few minutes I’d be shivering with cold – I actually had goosebumps walking around some of the casinos, because it was SO COLD. I also had to bundle up in our hotel room: we could adjust the air con, but it never seemed to be warm enough for me, so if you tend to feel the cold, you’re going to want to carry a cardigan or light sweater – yes, even when it’s 100 degrees outside. Which brings me to my next point.

Bring a medium/large bag that’s easy to carry

If you want to do Vegas properly, you’re probably going to spend most of your time out and about, and that means you’ll have to take anything you’ll need for the day (including that sweater) with you. Bring a bag that’s large enough to carry your daily essentials, so you don’t have to keep returning to your hotel, and make sure it’s a bag that’s easy to carry. My small cross-body bag was fine for the first hour or so, but really started to dig into my shoulder after a while – I prefer to be hands-free when I’m out exploring, but a wider strap would probably have been more comfortable. Speaking of comfort…

Comfortable shoes are a daytime essential

The first time I went to Las Vegas, I imagined it would be all-glamour, all the time, and that all I’d need would be a selection of my best party dresses and skyscraper heels. If you’re going out clubbing, you’ll need that kind of stuff for evening, sure, but during the day you’re going to walk MILES. Even just walking around your hotel will involve a fair bit of walking, and if you want to see the strip, prepare for sore feet. Or don’t: pack your most comfortable shoes, and wear them during the day – save the heels for the evenings! Having said that…

Vegas isn’t a dressy town

Or not for the most part, anyway. Obviously there are plenty of clubs and bars where you’ll be able to get dressed up to the nines and not feel out of place, but as you walk around town, and go in and out of the hotels and casinos, you won’t see many people dressed up – other than the occasional bride, that is. Most people, in fact, will be dressed like tourists, and with an emphasis on comfort – shorts, tees, sneakers, etc. You don’t have to dress like that if you don’t want to, but for sightseeing and exploring, you don’t have to be too fancy.

With that said…

Vegas is a town where anything goes, (Literally, I mean: walking down Fremont street, we passed a man wearing nothing but a thong, and no one was giving him a second glance. It’s that kind of town.) which makes it a great place to experiment a little and wear whatever you want to wear, without worrying about looking out of place. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I hasten to add.) You really can’t BE out of place in Vegas, so wear what you want, and have fun – that’s why you’re there, after all!

What To Wear

What to Wear to a Funeral

Here’s a subject no one really wants to think about, but which many of us unfortunately have to face at some point – what to wear to a funeral?

what to wear to a funeral

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that most people don’t wonder what to wear to a funeral because they’re hoping to impress anyone: it’s a question we ask purely because we don’t want to risk causing offence. Because funerals are normally formal occasions, working out what to wear to one can feel like a bit of a minefield, so let’s get the basics out of the way first…

You don’t necessarily have to wear black

It used to be the case that black was considered the ONLY appropriate colour to wear to a funeral. These days, that’s not normally the case, and any relatively muted colour will often be acceptable. At some funerals, you might even be asked to wear a certain colour that was the deceased person’s favourite, or to wear something bright to celebrate their life: if you haven’t been specifically asked to do this, however, it’s best to stick to darker shades like black, navy, grey or dark green.

… but you do have to dress respectfully

Colour aside, the most important thing to note when working out what to wear to a funeral is that it’s a sombre occasion, at which you’re expected to dress respectfully. That means not wearing anything too flashy, loud or attention-seeking – you’re not going to a club, and you’re not the centre of attention, so your choice of clothing should reflect that. Very short, tight or revealing clothes, for instance, are out – instead, a good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t wear it to work (assuming you work in an environment which is at least semi-formal), you wouldn’t wear it to a funeral either.

Actually, if you work in an office job, the “would I wear it to work” test is a pretty good one: think skirts, tailored trousers, dark-coloured dresses etc, worn with shoes you can walk in, and makeup/jewellery that isn’t too garish.

Don’t dress too casually 

Again, most funerals are fairly formal occasions, so unless you’ve been asked to dress casually, things like jeans, leggings and sportswear will be too casual: the aim is not to look stuffy or “dressed up”, per se, but simply to show respect. Very casual outfits give the impression that no effort or thought has been made, which will make people think your attitude is as casual as your clothing – not a good impression to make at a funeral.

If in doubt, ask

Of course, different cultures have different traditions when it comes to funeral: we’ve written this article with British traditions in mind, but if you’re not sure what’s expected of you, ask. You obviously won’t want to bother members of the immediate family with questions about what to wear, but you should be able to find someone who’ll be able to tell you if there are any specific customs or requests you should be aware of : better to ask, than to risk offending someone by wearing something inappropriate!


What To Wear

What to Wear With Leggings

Remember when leggings came back into fashion?

What are we saying: of course you don’t – you were probably still being dressed by your mother back then. If you do remember the fashion trends of the early 00s, though, you’ll probably recall that when leggings made their big comeback, most people were completely horrified by them. They remembered the leggings of the 80s, you see – the lurid colours and the camel toes, and the way leggings instantly became the uniform of everyone, everywhere – often to quite horrifying effect. They wouldn’t stick around, we predicted, but we wrong: leggings are still here, they’re probably not going anywhere in a hurry, and they’re STILL being worn in ways that aren’t exactly easy on the eyes, to put it mildly.

what to wear with leggings

They’re also, however, a pretty handy item to have in your closet: they’re comfortable, casual, and they CAN also be cute -if you know how to wear them.

The one rule governing what to wear with leggings…

what to wear with leggings: tips and advice

[Both outfits: H&M]

Always wear a top that covers your crotch

The main thing to remember about leggings is that leggings are not pants and should never be worn as such. Never. No, not even whatever that situation is you’re thinking of: leggings are not pants, period. What this means is that you need to always make sure your top is covering your crotch and butt: it’s as simple as that. In the image above, the top on the left is maybe a little bit shorter than would be ideal, but at least it’s longer than the crop top on the right, which leaves everything on show. Speaking of the outfit on the right, we can learn one other lesson from it:

With that simple rule in mind, you can basically go wild. Here are some suggestions on what to wear with leggings:

what to wear with leggings: sneakers and stripes

Sneakers and stripes

Along similar lines of the “good” outfit above, you just can’t go wrong with a simple, stripe top. Pair with sneakers for a comfy, casual look, that still looks reasonably pulled together.  [Outfit from ASOS]

what to wear with leggings: chambray shirt

The Chambray Shirt

Chambray shirts are hugely popular right now, and almost as much of a wardrobe staple as leggings themselves. Again, this one might look better with some kind of longer length tank layered underneath, to stop that “leggings as pants” look from happening. [Outfit from Zara]

leggings outfit with ballet flats and sweater

Ballet flats and cashmere sweater

Simple and classic – who would’ve thought you’d ever hear us say that about an outfit including leggings, of all things? Actually, the cropped length of this pair, combined with the ballet flats and soft cashmere sweater is very chic, and the silhouette has an almost Audrey-Hepburn-esque feel to it. You REALLY never thought you’d hear us say that, did you? [Outfit from Boden]

blazer and heels

Blazer and heels

Another look that’s become something of a classic, this one works well with leather look leggings – yes, really. Add a silk cami or shirt for a luxe feel, and always remember that leggings aren’t pants!  [Outfit from The Outnet]

Ask the Fashion Police, What To Wear

Style SOS | What to wear with a sequin skirt

Since we published our first round of Christmas party outfit ideas, featuring that fabulous sequin skirt from River Island we’ve been getting a lot of searches for the same question: what to wear with a sequin skirt?

what to wear with a sequin skirt?

What to wear with a sequin skirt

Sequin skirts have been big news this season, and while the sparkly fabric makes them an obvious choice for Christmas parties, they’re not always the easiest items in the world to style. By their very nature, sequin skirts are fairly over-the-top, which means it’s very easy to end up looking like a glitter ball if you’re not careful. Obviously the question of what to wear with a sequin skirt will depend very much on the particular skirt in question: we’ve already shown how we’d style the skirt shown above (see our suggested outfit here), so here are some different styles of sequin skirt, along with some suggestions on how to wear them:

what to wear with a sequin skirt

What to wear with a sequin skirt : holiday party

As this gold sequin skirt is fairly attention-getting on its own, we decided to offset the sequins with a fluffy, short-sleeve sweater, which is still glamorous, but which doesn’t compete with the shine of the skirt. Although the gold shoes match the skirt in terms of colour, the “barely there”style stops them from being too much.

sequin skirt outfit

What to wear with a sequin skirt: daytime sequins


Outfit 2 offers a more laid-back approach to the sequin skirt, making it a little more daytime appropriate, although obviously that’ll depend on how you spend your daytime: there are some occupations in which a sequin skirt just won’t be appropriate attire at ANY time. You’ll need a coat or cardi if you want to try wearing this in winter, obviously, but, again, we’ve dressed down the sequins with a slouchy t-shirt and pair of ankle boots.

what to wear with a sequin skirt 3

What to wear with a sequin skirt: all-over-sparkle

Of course, you don’t ALWAYS want to dress down those sequins, do you? This outfit shimmers from head to toe, but by keeping the hem long, the neckline high, and the shoes simple (in shape, if not in sparkle), you can get away with all of those items being covered in a liberal dose of sequins.

So, those are our three suggestions on what to wear with a sequin skirt, but we’d love to see yours, too! If you’ve featured an outfit with a sequin skirt on your blog, please feel free to join the linkup below to show us your look (you’ll have to link back to in order for your linkup to be approved)!

What would you wear with a sequin skirt?


What To Wear

Christmas Party Outfits | Topshop

Today we’re continuing our look at Christmas party outfits from some of our favourite high street retailers, so if you’re looking for some party outfit inspiration, read on…

Topshop is a GREAT shopping destination for very trendy pieces aimed at the late teens/early twenties set – think sequined shorts, playsuits, that kind of thing. (And no, we’re not saying everyone in that age group likes/wears those particular items, just that that’s the demographic Topshop mainly caters to!). It’s not generally thought of as a source of classic style, but we’ve actually been really impressed by some of this season’s offerings, and didn’t have any trouble tracking down some Christmas party outfits which DON’T include shresses, hotpants or, God forbid, that Meadham Kirchhoff playsuit.

Christmas Party Outfits from Topshop

Christmas Party Outfits from Topshop

Outfit 1: Full Skirt and Crop Top

Full skirts, as you know by now, are “in” this season, but this kind of retro-inspired look is ALWAYS “in” as far as we’re concerned. We wouldn’t be able to resist wearing this with a beehive updo and flicked black liner, but that’s just us. We also could’t resist adding the bra to this outfit, even although no one would actually see it: well, it was just too perfect a match to ignore… (This skirt is also available in navy and ochre, if you’re not keen on the baby blue, but sizes are limited, so you better act fast.)


Topshop Christmas party outfit

Outfit 2: The Shift Dress

For those who prefer their hem lengths a little shorter, this embellished shift dress is on the expensive side at £160, but is beautifully embroidered, and the kind of thing you don’t see everyday. We’ve paired the shorter length with slightly lower heels than usual, and because of all the embellishment, it doesn’t need much more than that in the way of accessories.

Christmas party outfit from Topshop

Outfit 3: The Bodycon dress

Va-VOOM! Who says midi dresses have to be frumpy? This one is anything but, but we have to ‘fess up here that it’s currently sold-out on the website, so if you love it, you may have to look for it in store. If blue is your colour, and you have the confidence to pull off the bright colour and the bodycon shape, we’d say it’ll probably be worth the search…

 More Christmas Party Outfits:

River Island party outfits

What To Wear

Four Quick Christmas Party Outfits | River Island

So, by this point in the year we’re guessing you’re either one of those people who’s spending every free second obsessing over all-things Christmas – including Christmas party outfits – or you just never want to hear the ‘C’ word ever again.

If you’re in the latter camp, well, we sympathise, but unfortunately we can’t help you, because with December just a few days away it’s time to either a) head for the hills or b) prepare to answer the question, “So, have you done your Christmas shopping yet?” at least a dozen times per day. Speaking of Christmas shopping… if you haven’t had time to think about shopping for yourself, let alone for anyone else, over the next couple of weeks, The Fashion Police will be rounding up some Christmas party outfits from high-street retailers, and we’re starting off with some picks from River Island

Christmas Party Outfits from River Island

Christmas party outfits from River Island


Skirt ♥ Shoes ♥ Top ♥ Necklace ♥ Collar

Many people shy away from all-neutral outfits, feeling they’re too boring, or that they’ll drain the complexion. Obviously not all colours will suit all people, but an all-gold (or white, or cream…) look can also be striking, glamorous and sophisticated – and it’ll almost definitely stand out amongst the darker colours that usually appear in Christmas party outfits. This full gold skirt has been on The Fashion Police radar for a while now: it looks more expensive than it is, and it also taps into the current trend for full skirts, if you feel the need to be fashionable. If you can’t do without a “pop” of colour, as fashion people love to call it, a bright lipstick will suffice.

Christmas party outfits little black dress

Dress ♥ Sandals ♥ Ring ♥ Bag ♥ Hair bow

You can’t talk about Christmas party outfits without talking about little black dresses. This dress is black, but it’s a little bit different from the usual crop of LBDs, and, as an added bonus, it also has long sleeves – great for those who don’t like exposing their arms, or just feel the chill.

Christmas party outfits

Skirt ♥ Sandals ♥ Necklace ♥ Scarf ♥ Clutch

 We’ve seen this sequin midi skirt pop up on a few fashion bloggers lately (See how Lacey of A Lacey Perspective wore it here), and we’re not surprised: it’s a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas party look, but the demure length keeps it classy. That’s not always something we can say in conjunction with the words “sequin skirt”…

black pants party outfit

Jeggings ♥ Top  Shoes ♥ Bag ♥ Cuff ♥ Jacket

Finally, for those who don’t want to go down the traditional dress/skirt look, a pair of slim black trousers can be the basis of any number of Christmas party outfits: we’ve dressed this pair up with chiffon, fur, and heels.

What To Wear

Spring Staples: classic, basic looks for the new season

Although we’ve never been big fans of the idea of of “staple” items (Everyone’s lives and tastes are so different that there really isn’t a “one size fits all”…), we’re nevertheless always fascinated by what’s generally considered to be be “classics”. And with the days gradually starting to get longer and lighter, what better time to take a look at the generally accepted Spring staples? These are just a few of the items which normally appear on lists of wardrobe staples for the coming season: they definitely won’t be staples for everyone, but they are classic, basic items which pop up around this time every year…

(P.S. Most of our chosen items came from French Connection, but are the kind of things you can find just about anywhere right now…)

Spring staples: easy looks for the coming season…

collection of spring staples: classic clothing for spring

1. A simple, lightweight dress

Available in every colour and style you can think of, these are the kind of dresses that never go out of style. You probably won’t be able to wear these without something over the top until later in the season, but on the plus side,  you’ll still be wearing them all summer. And as for that “something over the top”…

simple cotton sundresses in a range of colours

2. A denim jacket

3. A selection of lightweight cardigans

4. A blazer

5. A trenchcoat, or other light coat

spring fashion: jackets and coats

You’re probably thinking that’s an awful lot of outerwear for one little season. You’re right. Spring is a season of a change, though: the temperatures can range from chilly to simply chilled, and your outerwear needs to work for all of these possibilities. You’re probably not going to need all of these, obviously, but we’d say a range of cardigans, plus something like a classic blazer, trench or other jacket which will work in a range of temperatures. The trench is often described as a spring staple, but if it’s not your style, there are plenty of other options. Denim jackets, meanwhile, are still seen as a little dated by some, but can look good (and only slightly 90s…) over those summer dresses, or with a pair of cropped pants. Speaking of which…

four spring fashion looks

6. Capris, crops and chinos

After a winter spent in boots, it’s always nice to welcome other forms of footwear back into regular rotation, and what better way to show of those shoes than with cropped trousers, in spring colours? Capri pants, cropped jeans and chinos are all generally described as spring staples, and are a good choice for the chillier days. Red, white and blue are all classic spring colours, as, of course are yellow, green, and pastels. Floral print is particularly big at the moment, so if you want to move away from boring block colours, you’ll have no problem finding some colourful print pants. To wear with them, you’ll need some…

7. Spring knits

selection of spring knitwear

You might think lightweight cardis and sweaters would be all you’d need in Spring. You’d be wrong: or at least, you would if you lived in the UK. Throw a couple of heavier-weight ones in too: you never know when you’re going to need them…

If the weather does warm up, though:

floral and chambray skirts for spring

8. Skirts

We don’t know about you, but we’re dying to ditch the opaque tights, and enjoy the simplest seasons in terms of getting dressed. These outfits are just about as basic as it gets, but you can dress them up to your heart’s desire.

So, these are just a few of the items we tend to associate with spring: our spring staples, if you will. They won’t work for everyone, though, so tell us…

What are your Spring staples?

[All items: French Connection]
Ask the Fashion Police, How to..., What To Wear

How to wear stripes… whatever your figure

how to wear stripes

Having just told you that bold stripes are going to be one of this spring’s fashion trends (and are so much of a classic they’re unlikely to be going anywhere after that, either…), we thought we’d also just quickly address some of the “But I can’t possibly wear stripes! Only stick insects can wear stripes!” objections that always come up any time this subject is introduced. First of all:

Yes, you can wear stripes.

(IF you want to, that is. We’re definitely not ones to try to sell you a trend you don’t like, so if you’re currently wrinkling your nose and saying, “Yuck! I hate stripes! So boring! So not me! I HATE this article!” don’t worry, no one will actually force you: we’re not a REAL Fashion Police, as we like to repeat at regular intervals…)

People will tell you that curvy women can’t wear stripes – especially not horizontal ones. They will tell that women with hips can’t wear them either: that they will emphasise the widest part of your body, and also make you look like an escaped convict. They will say that only “stick insects” should attempt this look, and that larger woman should, we don’t know, wear mu-mus or something?

Our response to all of this? Rubbish. For one thing, “stick insects” aren’t people, so they don’t wear clothes at all. For another, while we’re not going to try to tell you that everyone in the world can wear every single item of clothing, and all look equally good in it, we ARE going to tell you that if you try to live your life according to what THEY say, or by some outdated fashion “rules”, you’ll have no fun at all, and might miss out on some stuff you actually might have liked.

With that said: yes, wide stripes CAN make you look wider too. Yes, they CAN emphasise the widest part of your body. And yes, you CAN still wear them if you want to. Here are some ways to do it.

How to wear stripes – whatever your shape

how to wear stripes


Choose the width of stripe that works for you

It’s often said that thin stripes are more slimming than thicker ones, and are thus easier to wear. Be wary of adopting blanket rules like this, because they’re not always true, and in real life, people’s figures are all so different that there really isn’t a “one rule to wear them all”.  While it’s true that thin stripes can be more flattering, and are certainly easier to wear, on SOME people, if you carry all your weight on your stomach, for instance, you might atcually find that thin stripes will actually emphasis the bump by distorting around it, while wide ones will help disguise it. Of course, we can’t tell you which type of stripes will work for you, but if you try a few on, it shouldn’t be hard to work it out.

Break up the patterns

Woman in stripy jacket showing now to wear stripes

Florence & Fred

There’s no doubt that head-to-toe stripes can be a bold look, and it’s made even more so when the stripes in question are big n’ chunky. If you want to wear the trend without feeling like you’re hitting people over the head with it, try breaking up the print a little, either by throwing a jacket or cardigan over a striped dress, say, or using a statement necklace or contrasting belt to give the eye something else to focus on.

Don’t wear it like wallpaper: you are not a wall

By which we mean, “easy tiger: no need to plaster yourself head-to-toe in the stuff.” A striped skirt with a striped top, worn with a pair of stripes shoes, and hey, why not throw in a striped clutch, just to finish it off? That won’t look good on anyone.  Choose one item (or maybe two, if you don’t mind the matchy-matchy look…), and choose it well. Leave all of the other stripes for another day.


Woman in stripy sequined top and white suit


Shoes, bags, bracelets, scarves… they’re all a really easy way to incorporate a particular print into your look without having to worry about whether it fits or flatters. You’ll never find yourself wondering if those shoes make you look fat

Emphasise the waist

Stripy heeled shoes on a yellow floor

(Dress: Hobbs)

See the dress at the very top of the page? Or the one above this paragraph?  They both incorporate bold stripes in a way that DOESN’T draw attention to the “widest part”. The Next skater dress, as well as using a fit and flare shape, which helps nip in the waist, also uses side panels with diagonal stripes, to slim the body and avoid that “convict” look. The dress above, meanwhile, uses a number of techniques to do the same thing, including thinner, diagonal stripes on the bodice, a belt to emphasis the waist and a flared skirt with a wide band at the hem. If you can’t find an item which does all of this for you, you can easily replicate the effect by adding a belt or cardigan.

Go vertical

Woman in stripy dress emphasising the waist

When all’s said and done, if you still think horizontal stripes don’t work for you, ditch ’em and go for vertical or diagonal ones instead. These draw the eye downwards, and CAN be more slimming that their horizontal counterparts, but don’t assume this will be the case on every body shape: instead, experiment and find out which style works for YOURS.

 What are your tips on how to wear stripes?

POPULAR, What To Wear

How to dress down an outfit: advice for the always-overdressed

Woman in london wearing a white dress

 [Image: Warehouse]

So, you like to get dressed-up every now and then. Or maybe even a LOT.

That’s great: join the club. We’re big fans of the fine art of overdressing, and wish more people would indulge in it – it would certainly make life easier for those of us who like nothing more than to get all dolled up in our dresses and heels, and who’d sooner go out naked than in a pair of sweatpants.*

(*Not really.)

The problem is, though, most people DON’T love to dress-up, so those of us who do tend to face a daily barrage of questions about WHY we’re “all fancy”, whether we have a job interview, and how on EARTH we found the time to throw on that simple little dress. If you’re a fellow over-dresser we’re sure you know what we’re talking about here.

It would be wonderful if we all simply had the confidence to just not care about these comments, and to go on our over-dressed way regardless of what people say to us. But it’s not always quite that simple. Perhaps you have a working environment in which your style of dressing might be considered unprofessional, or cause people to take you less seriously. Perhaps you’re just starting to dress  up, and you’re not quite ready to unleash your new look on the world. Or maybe you’re just tired of all the comments, and want people to concentrate on your work or personality, rather than focusing on your shoes.

Whatever your reason, there are times when you might want to try and dress down your look slightly, without compromising too much of your personal style. Here are some easy ways to do it:

How to Dress Down an Outfit | Cover-up with a cardigan

Woman in purple cardigan - How to dress down an outfit

[Outfit: La Redoute]

Cardigans (and other knitwear or semi-structured jackets) won’t just keep you warm, they’ll also make a dress or fancy top look a whole  lot more casual. While bare arms can, in themselves, be a very casual kind of look, sleeveless or strapless dresses tend to look “dressier” than ones with sleeves: add a cute cardigan and you’ll still be able to see your dress, but you’ll feel a little less 2dressed-up” in it.

How to Dress Down an Outfit | Think carefully about footwear

We love heels and wear them almost everywhere. Heels have the ability to make even the most casual outfit look dressy, however, so if you’re going for the opposite effect, replace them with flats or boots for a more laid-back look.

How to Dress Down an Outfit | Add a pair of tights

How to dress down an outfit with black tights

[Image: Heatons]

As with the bare arms discussed above, bare legs can either make you look like you’re going to the beach… or like you’re going to a party. Opaque tights in a dark colour like black or navy will dress your look down, and will also help make a short dress look more “modest”. On the other hand, lace, sheer or patterned tights can have the opposite effect, so choose your hosiery with care. If you don’t want to wear tights, leggings can make a good alternative, especially in summer, if you want to wear a dress with sandals.

How to Dress Down an Outfit | Keep makeup and hair natural

We’re not saying you should neglect them altogether, but elaborate updos and/or lots of makeup will obviously create a “dressed up” effect, so if you want to downplay your outfit, you might want to consider going for a slightly more natural, unfussy look, to give your overall look a more casual feel.

Or you could just ignore all of this and dress to the nines every day. Life’s short, after all.

Are you an over-dresser? What do you do to keep your look “appropriate” for more casual occasions – or do you just dress up anyway and enjoy it?

Ask the Fashion Police, What To Wear

What to wear?

what to wear?

Of all of the questions The Fashion Police are asked on a daily basis, the most frequent are the ones beginning with the words “What to wear…?”

We’ve answered quite a few of these now (some with the help of our readers), so, just in case you’re new around here, here are some of the posts we’ve written in a bid to answer that most important of all questions: what ON EARTH to wear?

What to wear to a wedding

What to wear to a wedding

We’ll probably all attend at least one wedding in our lifetimes (in fact, some summers it might feel like we’re attending at least one wedding every WEEK), but what to wear to a wedding remains one of the biggest sartorial dilemmas we face. Here are some of our suggestions.

What to wear to a christening

What to wear to a christening

The image above tells you what NOT to wear to a christening (or one of the things not to wear, anyway…): the post itself gives you some ideas what to go for instead.

what to wear to the airport

What to wear to the airport (and on the plane)

Are you a Victoria or a Britney when you fly? Don’t worry, there is a happy medium when it comes to airport style, and this article will help you find it.

what to wear with cowboy boots

What to wear with cowboy boots? 

Believe it or not, the question “What to wear with cowboy boots” is one of the biggest referrers of visitors to this site, every day. It seems that lots of you are buying cowboy boots, but not knowing what to wear with them: problem. We opened the question up to our readers, and they provided lots of different outfit options, covering a variety of different styles. Find one that suits you here.

what to wear with peep toe boots

What to wear with peep toe boots

Some people want to wear peep toe boots. We’re not saying they’re right to want to do that, but as long as they do, our readers are here to help. See their suggestions here.

Over to you…

Got a pressing style-related question you’d like The Fashion Police to solve for you? Ask away…