What was the biggest fashion crime of 2009? Vote now!


For the past two years now, we’ve been running an end-of-year poll to find out what you thought was the biggest fashion crime of the year just gone – and both times, Crocs have been the clear winner.

Will they run (or rather, “waddle”) away with the title in 2009? Well, we actually think Crocs have been on the decline this year: they’re still high on our list of “fashion hates”, and always will be, but they seem to be less popular than they once were, which makes us wonder if it’s time to crown a new King of the Fashion Crimes?

What do you think? What was the biggest fashion crime in 2009? Vote in the poll below to let us know what you think.  You’ll find a short description of each of the options under the jump.

(NOTE: You are NOT voting for the specific items shown in the image above – they’re there for illustration only!)


This Year’s Contenders, in no particular order:

They’ve won the title two years in a row, so even although their popularity appears to be on the wane, we thought it was only fair to include them this year.

Is that a diaper in your pants, or are you just being “bang on trend”, in one of this year’s most horrible fashions?

How we wish we could wake up to find that the re-emergence of shoulder pads had all been a dream, just like Bobby Ewing’s death, back when huge shoulders were LAST in vogue!

The bastard love child of jeans and leggings, and a huge hit in retail world. Lots of people loved them in 2009: but did you?

This was the year it became fashionable to dress in almost nothing. If you weren’t showing enough flesh to get yourself arrested, you just weren’t trying hard enough.

Lady Gaga had a lot to answer for this year…

If your clothes were in a reasonably good state of repair in 2009, you were, like, SO last year. Ripped jeans, shredding leggings, laddered tights, jackets without elbows – you name it, it got ripped to shreds.

It never really goes away, but this year it was back with a vengeance.

We could’ve picked almost any aspect of the 80’s fashion revival here, but we choose acid wash denim because it showed up on some of the most hideous items of the year, sometimes making us want to rip our eyeballs out in horror.

The wildcard category! Our poll only allows us to nominate ten items, so if there’s something we’ve missed that you think was worse than all of the choices mentioned, choose this option and tell us in the comments what you’re nominating!


  • December 30, 2009

    Rock Hyrax

    While I hate blue eighties style acid-wash denim, a quick google shows a lot of the new stuff looks more like the type of bleaching people did themselves in the seventies (and much of it is black), so I’m afraid it has to be Crocs as usual…

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  • December 30, 2009


    I think the worst on the list is harem pants, but the true horrors came from combinations such as acid wash harem jeans.

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  • December 30, 2009


    I nominate Uggs. I don’t care how practical they can be, they’re hideous, overpriced (I’d buy a pair of Fryes instead, with that price tag), and cut off at the strangest point in the leg to make even the tallest women look stumpy. They’ve spawned copycats that consistently look worse and worse (think, the sketchers version), usually include some kind of ugly pom poms or fur. Plus, I always see women who wear them with mini-skirts which is just trashy no matter how you look at it and reminds me of junior high. And they get dirty easily, but no one ever seems to bother cleaning them.

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  • December 30, 2009


    I actually quite like alot of the things on here….I think the worst crime is definitely the “regular-length-top-with-tights-or-leggings-as-pants” look. Especially if the tights are skin color, or sheer! I think leggings with long tops are fine….But if it’s a normal top it really looks like you forgot your pants. WEAR PANTS.

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    • January 1, 2010


      Oh, I must agree with you on this one! Pants are good! Wear them, people!
      .-= minka´s last blog ..No time, no posts, no Christmas =-.

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  • December 31, 2009


    harem pants for the win…and i see i am not alone in that opinion thank god…those things should stay back in 1986 where they belong

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  • December 31, 2009

    Milano Cookies

    My goodness, I despise harem pants.
    Animal print is good in the minimum. Zebra print has been flooding our school. I’m in marching band. They put a zebra print sash on our uniform. XD Then I had this argument with a despicable teacher at our schools homecoming dance, with her dressed in zebra. That was awful, though my lovely blue Betsey Johnson made the night a little better.

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  • December 31, 2009


    I voted for Crocs just because Harem pants are not THE thing right now. Crocs are everywhere.
    I could eat soup and find a Croc-pin instead of noodles. D:

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  • December 31, 2009


    I feel like most of the things you’ve listed are only conditionally heinous (excluding harem pants, torn clothing, jeggings and acid wash-there’s simply no excuse). You know, crocs on nurses and super short, tight dresses which don’t also incluse obnoxious cut-outs… However, in a specific incident, Ungaro (or rather, LIndsey Lohan pretending to be a legitimate fashion designer) not only gave us pasties, but they kindly gave us RHINSTONED, HEARTSHAPED pasties.

    And also, I second the nomination for UGGS. If you don’t live in an igloo, you can just wear socks and normal boots.

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  • December 31, 2009


    Ok, I have to confess here.

    I own a pair of jeggings.

    In my defense, however, they are worn exclusively with long tunic tops and over-the-knee boots. I didn’t want to go entirely monochromatic with a black legging (since my favorite tunic is black), and regular jeans are a pain in the ass to tuck into a tall boot. Therefore, I bought jeggings. Fail me if you wish, but if anyone can look at the way I wear them and say “Those aren’t real jeans!”, then they deserve to bust me!

    Now, harem pants? No. Sorry, I’m not trying to (poorly) hide a diaper.

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  • January 1, 2010

    All Women Stalker

    Lady Gaga fashion is too crazy for my taste. Or for a lot of people’s tastes.

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  • January 2, 2010

    Joey Sauer

    I HATE acid-wash denim! So ugly!

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  • January 2, 2010


    Just one word: Jumpsuits! (especially those with short legs – horrible!)

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  • January 2, 2010


    Gotta go with the Harem pants…It’s Hammer Time!
    .-= AlyCatNat´s last blog ..Curio Confections =-.

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  • January 3, 2010


    I like jeggings! I think they look nice on the right shaped woman! I am guilty of owining harem pants too, but, in my defence, officers, I have never worn them and probably NEVER will.

    I think it will have to be crocs. Sweaty feet ahoy!

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  • January 4, 2010


    The absence of panties by celebrities. I often go without, but in a long dress or pants. Half the audience does NOT want to see your bush or your bare.

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  • March 17, 2010


    Lady Gaga inspired clothing.
    I don’t care if people think she’s stylish – she’s not. It’s just a persona that got her famous because before she was famous, she dressed like a human being. She’s trying to be Madonna, and it’s not working.

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  • April 5, 2010


    I actually like some of the harem pants. I own two pairs, but they look really classy, nothing like the stuff posted on this website. I would have to say that Uggs make my top list. They are everywhere which makes them unbearable. It hurts the eye.

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  • June 20, 2010


    Ok i love fashion and i totally think EVERYTHING has a time and place,and i think anything can work ya just gotta know how… so im writing this to criticize the biggest fashion crimes of 2009…

    i love my mary janes crocs, they have got to be the hottest thing to do my gardening and yawn work in. but they never leave the yard! 😀

    harem pants are the only pants, i know, that are comfotrable like sweats and yet wearable with high heels. they are not fashion they are high fashion, for only the most stylish. fashionistas who dont have harem pants are missing out on glam grocery shopping.

    ok shoulder pants are nice for small shoulders. They can create adownward slimming effect If your have broad shoulders, you’ll look like a line backer. But the look so cute on blazers, perfect for work.

    Jeggings can create crisp lines on those who are thin legged, (long or short) and with high heels can make your legs look like skyscrapers. Nice with longer shirt dresses (twofers). Have you ever tried to wear a solid shirtwith leggings? jeggings make it possible to wear solids on leggings and avoiding a boring outfit.

    Yes I do agree,shirts are not dresses. But even hooker dress can be made cute with just a tight black long sleeve or leggings. if solid hooker dress, wear jeggings.

    Lady Gaga is to fashion what science fiction literature is to our history of literature! ‘Nough said.

    Put your favorite shirt on, pick out your best heels. Aim for sexy, so naturally you would imagine a skirt. Instead put on your ripped jeans, they will peek out your tan you’ve been working on but scales back the sex appeal just a smidge. Perfect for a date!

    I have always loved animal print. Dark color, simple shapes, no textures and it will look FAB. It can be any age appropriate.

    Acid wash denim is just like Ripped/torn denim. i love pairing acoid wash with bright colors!

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  • September 17, 2010


    Crocs and Uggs. Although saying that I did see some nice Uggs ankle boots, similar sorta thing to engineer boots.
    I own a pair of cropped harem pants. They’re just soft flowy trousers with a wide waistband and cuffs that you can wear just under your knees or pulled down and tucked into biker style boots.

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