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What was the biggest fashion crime of 2009? Vote now!


For the past two years now, we’ve been running an end-of-year poll to find out what you thought was the biggest fashion crime of the year just gone – and both times, Crocs have been the clear winner.

Will they run (or rather, “waddle”) away with the title in 2009? Well, we actually think Crocs have been on the decline this year: they’re still high on our list of “fashion hates”, and always will be, but they seem to be less popular than they once were, which makes us wonder if it’s time to crown a new King of the Fashion Crimes?

What do you think? What was the biggest fashion crime in 2009? Vote in the poll below to let us know what you think.  You’ll find a short description of each of the options under the jump.

(NOTE: You are NOT voting for the specific items shown in the image above – they’re there for illustration only!)


This Year’s Contenders, in no particular order:

They’ve won the title two years in a row, so even although their popularity appears to be on the wane, we thought it was only fair to include them this year.

Is that a diaper in your pants, or are you just being “bang on trend”, in one of this year’s most horrible fashions?

How we wish we could wake up to find that the re-emergence of shoulder pads had all been a dream, just like Bobby Ewing’s death, back when huge shoulders were LAST in vogue!

The bastard love child of jeans and leggings, and a huge hit in retail world. Lots of people loved them in 2009: but did you?

This was the year it became fashionable to dress in almost nothing. If you weren’t showing enough flesh to get yourself arrested, you just weren’t trying hard enough.

Lady Gaga had a lot to answer for this year…

If your clothes were in a reasonably good state of repair in 2009, you were, like, SO last year. Ripped jeans, shredding leggings, laddered tights, jackets without elbows – you name it, it got ripped to shreds.

It never really goes away, but this year it was back with a vengeance.

We could’ve picked almost any aspect of the 80’s fashion revival here, but we choose acid wash denim because it showed up on some of the most hideous items of the year, sometimes making us want to rip our eyeballs out in horror.

The wildcard category! Our poll only allows us to nominate ten items, so if there’s something we’ve missed that you think was worse than all of the choices mentioned, choose this option and tell us in the comments what you’re nominating!

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