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What was the biggest fashion crime of 2008?


Last year at around this time of year, we asked you to tell us what, in your opinion, had been the biggest fashion crime of 2007. Unsurprisingly, you voted for Crocs. We were proud of you.

This year we want to ask you the same question. What do you think was the biggest fashion crime of 2008? The thing that made you turn pale and reach for the smelling salts every time you saw someone wear it? Some of the usual suspects are making a re-appearance on this year’s list because, sadly, despite our best efforts, we’ve not yet managed to completely eradicate these crimes. There are some newcomers too, however, and, as always, if there’s something you think we’ve missed, you can drop us a comment to nominate it!

So, without further ado: what was the biggest fashion crime of 2008? Was it:

1. Sheer clothing. This appeared on last year’s list and a number of you commented to say that, as bad as it was, it was clearly a catwalk trend, and would never be seeing in "real life". Unfortunately, we think we’ve managed to prove this year that nope, sheer clothes are even more of a "trend" this year than they were last year, hence its inclusion on the list.

2. Real fur. It made a big comeback this year, and was sold by many retailers who should’ve known better. Was it the biggest crime of the year?

3. Leggings – we know they’ve been super-fashionable this year, but when The Fashion Police admitted they were fans of the shiny legging trend (and we still stand by that admission), you all wanted to stone us, hence the appearance of legings on the list of shame…

4. Harem pants – also survivors from last year’s list, but now so much more prevalent than they were last year.

5. Saggy jumpsuits – whether designer or otherwise, they look almost exactly like prison uniforms to us. We must remember to buy some for the fashion crims in our jail…

6. Peep toe boots why do boots need peep toes? We may never know…

7. Gladiator sandals – remember the summer, and how these were everywhere? Or would you rather just forget them?

8. Carrot leg pants – a "mom jean" by any other name…

9. Crocs – again. They’re starting to disappear off the radar, but are they disappearing fast enough for you? And they did release the eye-searingly ugly Crocs ‘Nadia’ boot this year, remember.

10. Something else? Our poll software only gives us ten options, but we all know there are a lot more than ten crimes of fashion out there, so if you can think of something worse than any of these, tell us in the comments!

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