What to Wear With Leggings

Remember when leggings came back into fashion?

What are we saying: of course you don’t – you were probably still being dressed by your mother back then. If you do remember the fashion trends of the early 00s, though, you’ll probably recall that when leggings made their big comeback, most people were completely horrified by them. They remembered the leggings of the 80s, you see – the lurid colours and the camel toes, and the way leggings instantly became the uniform of everyone, everywhere – often to quite horrifying effect. They wouldn’t stick around, we predicted, but we wrong: leggings are still here, they’re probably not going anywhere in a hurry, and they’re STILL being worn in ways that aren’t exactly easy on the eyes, to put it mildly.

what to wear with leggings

They’re also, however, a pretty handy item to have in your closet: they’re comfortable, casual, and they CAN also be cute -if you know how to wear them.

The one rule governing what to wear with leggings…

what to wear with leggings: tips and advice

[Both outfits: H&M]

Always wear a top that covers your crotch

The main thing to remember about leggings is that leggings are not pants and should never be worn as such. Never. No, not even whatever that situation is you’re thinking of: leggings are not pants, period. What this means is that you need to always make sure your top is covering your crotch and butt: it’s as simple as that. In the image above, the top on the left is maybe a little bit shorter than would be ideal, but at least it’s longer than the crop top on the right, which leaves everything on show. Speaking of the outfit on the right, we can learn one other lesson from it:

With that simple rule in mind, you can basically go wild. Here are some suggestions on what to wear with leggings:

what to wear with leggings: sneakers and stripes

Sneakers and stripes

Along similar lines of the “good” outfit above, you just can’t go wrong with a simple, stripe top. Pair with sneakers for a comfy, casual look, that still looks reasonably pulled together.  [Outfit from ASOS]

what to wear with leggings: chambray shirt

The Chambray Shirt

Chambray shirts are hugely popular right now, and almost as much of a wardrobe staple as leggings themselves. Again, this one might look better with some kind of longer length tank layered underneath, to stop that “leggings as pants” look from happening. [Outfit from Zara]

leggings outfit with ballet flats and sweater

Ballet flats and cashmere sweater

Simple and classic – who would’ve thought you’d ever hear us say that about an outfit including leggings, of all things? Actually, the cropped length of this pair, combined with the ballet flats and soft cashmere sweater is very chic, and the silhouette has an almost Audrey-Hepburn-esque feel to it. You REALLY never thought you’d hear us say that, did you? [Outfit from Boden]

blazer and heels

Blazer and heels

Another look that’s become something of a classic, this one works well with leather look leggings – yes, really. Add a silk cami or shirt for a luxe feel, and always remember that leggings aren’t pants!  [Outfit from The Outnet]

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