What to Wear With Animal Print, Part 3

Riali’s outfit

We’re onto part 3 of the results of our What to Wear With Animal Print Style Challenge.
Have we convinced you to give it a try yet? If not, read on to see some more suggestions from our readers!


Sophie’s outfit

Annija’s outfit

Link’s outfit

Sharlie’s outfit

Jahara Ali’s outfit

Yo’s outfit

Noelle’s outfit

Leigh’s outfit

by vegaz87
featuring Carvela

Vero’s outfit

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  • November 2, 2009


    Some noble efforts were made here. The trouble with animal print, and leopard in particular, is that what was once ‘subversive’ and ‘edgy’ has been overused by people who want to show us they are ‘subversive’ and ‘edgy.’

    Riali came the closest to an outfit I might wear. Pairing the bodysuit with a palette of browns and ladylike accessories relieve the animal print of its ‘hipness baggage’ and allow it to just add some interest to a conservative outfit.

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