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What They Wore: The Fashion Police’s Celebrity Fashion Roundup

Emma Stone

Red and pink. It’s one of those colour combinations your granny probably told you was a total fashion “don’t”, but which is now popping up everywhere and being hailed as “edgy” and “modern” and all kinds of other fashion phrases designed to make you feel like unless you’re wearing red and pink, you’re a loser.

Sorry, we got a bit carried away there. Anyway, here’s Emma Stone wearing a red and pink dress to the Friends With Benefits premiere in New York last night. We’re just going to hold our hands up and admit that we find that puffy, overhanging thing a little… odd:

Is it just us? You can tell us in the comments section. Before you do, though, take a look at the gallery for some more celebrity fashion from the past 24 hours, or thereabouts. We’re particularly interested in what you have to say about this outfit of Rihanna’s:


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