What Is Amazon’s New StyleSnap Feature?

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Have you ever seen a photo online and thought, “I love what she’s wearing! Where did she get that?” Odds are, this has happened more times than you can count. If it’s a friend in the picture, you could obviously just ask, but what if it’s a celeb or other high-profile person? These people have thousands of messages and surely they’ll never reply to your one lonely comment asking where they got that gorgeous top. Or perhaps you saw an amazing outfit on someone in a magazine, but there were no details on where the items were from. What can you do to find these clothing items that caught your eye?

Amazon has now set out to solve this problem with their new StyleSnap feature. The retail giant announced an all-new feature that is part of the Amazon app. (We all love Amazon, right? It’s the literal definition of one-stop shopping!) The StyleSnap application will use AI to analyze a submitted photo and search the web for clothing that looks like the items in the photo. All the user has to do is tap the camera icon in the corner of the Amazon app and snap a photo of the desired outfit. This can be used on social media photos as well as photos in magazines and advertisements. Once you submit your photo, the StyleSnap feature will analyze the clothing in the photo and Amazon will send you a curated list of items that match those seen in the picture!

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The StyleSnap feature is so advanced that it can actually distinguish between different clothing items. That means if you submit a picture of a green maxi skirt, you’re going to get matches for green maxi skirts rather than blue pencil skirts. The app will even differentiate between types of accessories like shoes and handbags. So when you send in a photo of a crossbody bag, you won’t get a belt bag as a match.

A super convenient aspect of StyleSnap is that the user will be able to make specific amendments to the matches they see. That means you’ll be able to do things like set a budget, so when Amazon sends you its list of matches, they’ll all be in your price range! You’ll also be able to dictate any brands you want to include or exclude. A filter that sorts through customer reviews will also be used to show you only the items that have earned positive ratings from other buyers! Other filters will obviously include filtering out certain sizes, so that you can get matches for petites or plus sizes.

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If you’re thinking that StyleSnap sounds absolutely awesome, you’re not alone. Fashion addicts everywhere cannot wait for the feature to be launched. Unfortunately, they could be waiting for a long time. Amazon has not announced when the feature will be available, so there’s no telling whether or not it will be in the near future. So it looks like we’ll just be sitting back and patiently waiting for StyleSnap’s launch so that we can create our dream wardrobe!

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