What Celebrities Wear to Airports: Whitney Port in shredded jeans

Whitney Port in ripped jeans

It’s only been a couple of months since our last flight, but it looks like in that time air travel has become much more dangerous: poor Whitney Port has had her jeans almost shredded on her flight to Sydney!

Were there snakes on the plane? Was the Fashion Ripper on the plane? We’ve seen enough of this destroyed denim now to know the answer to both of those questions is “no”, but what do you think of jeans that look like this? Are you a fan?


  • March 18, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    These are particularly annoying because rather than being properly ripped/slashed they’re just covered in hesitation marks.

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  • March 22, 2010


    god that’s horrible. what is it with celebs looking like dumpsters whent hey travel? would it kill them to wear clothes that A. fit B. don’t look like rags.

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