Style on Trial: Treggings – a cross between trousers and leggings


They’re not trousers. They’re not leggings. No, they’re "treggings" – do you see what they did there? Treggings have actually been on the fashion scene for a good few months now, but, assuming they were just a flash in the pan, The Fashion Police didn’t bother to bring them in for questioning. As the months have passed, however, and the treggings have proved to have a longevity that we didn’t expect of them, we’ve brought them before you now to stand in the dock and be judged…

The case for the Prosecution:

The prosecution puts it to you that these "treggings" are nothing more than leggings which are designed to be worn like trousers – i.e. without the necessity of some kind of long length garment covering the crotch. It has already been determined that skintight garments + uncovered crotches = crimes of fashion, therefore it is self-evident that the treggings also fall into that category. The prosecution also argues that these treggings, from Topshop, are orange and pink. The prosecution doesn’t like that.

The Case for the Defense:

The Defense argument is simple. These are simply skinny jeans made out of fabric rather than denim. The defense loves skinny jeans, therefore the defense says that there is absolutely nothing wrong with treggings – in fact, the defense embraces them. And who says you cant cover the crotch?

Over to you, then. Treggings are accused of Crimes Against Fashion. Are they guilty or innocent? You decide!

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