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Wetsuit dress by Unique at Topshop

It certainly is Unique, Topshop, we’ll give you that.

Reader Kat spotted this dress (and we use that term loosely, believe us) on the Topshop website and reported it to us as a crime of fashion.  And rightly so.  It’s a dress made of wetsuit fabric, complete with PVC zip detailing.  We are not entirely sure where you are supposed to wear such an item – the beach we would assume, but with all those straps on the shoulders?  Think of the tan lines!

This is certainly one dress you would need to try on before buying – you don’t want those flaps which are designed to cover your assets to be in the wrong place now, do you?

The colour is listed as grey but to us it looks like it started life as black but has been left out in the sun.  Presumably through too much wear on the beach.

Would you pay £75 for a garment called a wetsuit dress but which is fails to really function as either?  If you would, you can do so here.

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