We’re taking the day off…

Good morning, Fashion Police officers! It’s a public holiday here in the UK, so we’re taking the day off: we’ll be back to business tomorrow, but until then, here are some older posts you might have missed….

fashion confessions

The Chief of Police fesses up to buying a smock (the horror!) and getting stuck inside her clothes.

howling a the moon

That dastardly evil-doer known as The Clothes Ripper has struck again: check out his unfortunate victim here.

look good fast

Want to be one of those immaculately dressed people who never seem to have a hair out of place? Don’t want to have to get up early every morning to do it? Here are some tips on how to look good: fast

looking for something

Missed out on that amazing item you loved? Here’s how to find sold out items...

why we love online shopping

We love online shopping. Here’s why…

can you have too many clothes?

Can you ever have too many clothes? Tell us here

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