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Weird Wedding Dresses Part 2 (Guest Post)

Amy Paglia writes…

With the summer fast approaching, wedding season has begun, and with it are wedding fashion disasters. We have all seen notoriously ugly bridesmaid dresses, but now it seems even the brides aren’t safe from crimes of fashion.

It’s hard to even know where to start on this dress, from its semi-sheer midriff to its rows upon rows of tulle, lace, and ribbon. But I think what put it over the edge was the giant bows and flowers sewn into random places on the skirt. (I can only assume that they were designed to detract attention from the inevitable look of embarrassment the bride would be sporting when she put this dress on).

And for only $9,999 from you too can make your wedding a day you’d love to forget.

Amy Paglia is 23 years old and lives in New York. She recently graduated college with a BA and is going on to photography school in the fall.

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