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Weardrobe: the online way to organise your closet

CluelessRemember Cher’s amazing revolving wardrobe in Clueless? Oh, how we wanted it! And maybe if we’d actually had it, we wouldn’t have ended up with seven pairs of near-identical skinny jeans, and too many matching vest tops to count.

There is away to achieve Cher-style wardrobe organization, though. It’s called Weardrobe, and it’s a new website that allows you to upload pictures of all your clothes, categories them, and create outfits using them. It’s also quite addictive, as it lets you view the pictures that other people have uploaded too – an easy way to waste a large part of the day, as The Fashion Police have just discovered. Yes, it sounds a bit like Style Diary and the like, but could still be worth a look…

Check it out here.

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