Trousers/Pants, Wear or Die

Wear or Die: Printed Pants

ugly-print-pants-trousersIt’s been a while since we’ve played Wear or Die, but as soon as we laid eyes on the two pairs of pants shown above, we knew we had to try and force you to wear them: or one pair of them at least.

That’s the task before you now, readers: imagine that The Fashion Police have stolen all of your clothes. Instead, we present you with these two pairs of trousers (and OK, we’ll let you wear a top and shoes with them – we’re not that mean), with the warning that if you don’t choose one pair to wear, you must die. Now, clearly you’re not going to want to die over a pair of pants, so tell us: which ones will you choose to wear? On the left, Henrik Vibskov’s zig-zag stripe harem pants or, on the right, ‘Dancefloor Trousers’ by Unique at Topshop? The choice is yours: enjoy!

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