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Wear or Die: Katie/Katy edition – Katie Price or Katy Perry?


This morning The Fashion Police woke up with a burning question on our minds: what would we have to do to persuade our readers to dress like Katie Price/Jordan, and make them think it was a good idea? And then the answer came to us: make the only other option dressing like Katy Perry, in the strange half suit/half dress outfits which was one of her costumes at the MTV Europe music awards. Simple!

As it happens, both women shown here are wearing weirdly indecisive outfits, but what we want to know is this: if you HAD to dress like one of them – or face death – which one would you choose? It's the "Katy/Katie" edition of Wear or Die, folks, and it's up to you to decide: which Katy/Katie would YOU rather be?

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