WEAR or DIE? | Cut-out dress edition

Wear or Die is a Fashion Police weekly dilemma in which we ask you to choose between two outfits, selected by us. You must wear one of them – or die. Which will you choose?

Here’s this week’s selection:

wear or die


This week’s WEAR or DIE could probably have been titled “boobs or butt”. Let’s face it: that’s what these two dresses are all about, and you’re almost guaranteed to end up flashing one or the other, depending on which option you choose. Giving the phrase “body-conscious” a whole new meaning, Option A comes with a serious risk of VPL (not to mention  some interesting tan lines if you wear it during the day), while Option B has “wardrobe malfunction” written all over it.

This is Wear or Die, though, and you know the rules: you have to wear one of ’em. Speaking of the rules, just in case you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a quick re-cap:

1. You must wear one of the two outfits above.

2. You must wear the chosen outfit in public – no hiding in your room!

3. You must wear it as shown in the image, so sorry, but you can’t wear something under or over either of these dresses: that would be too easy.

4. If you don’t wear one of these outfits? YOU DIE.*

We reckon this is a fairly easy one, and we THINK we know which option you’ll choose, but then again, you’ve surprised us before, so nothing is certain when it comes to Wear or Die.

Ready to play? Just leave a comment and tell us which outfit you’d wear, if you had to wear one… or die.

* Not really.

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