Wear or Die | Comme des Garcons Fall 2014 Edition

There’s good news with this week’s edition of Wear or Die: the game in which you must choose to wear one of two ugly outfits – or die. [Insert evil laugh here.]

The good news? These AREN’T the two outfits we’re going to ask you to choose between:

comme des garcons fall 2014

Seriously, you’d just choose death, wouldn’t you. Even although – say it with us, people – DEATH IS NOT AN OPTION. But while these two looks may arguably be considered “art”, when it comes to actually trying to WEAR them, we forsee a slight problem – which is more than can be said for the wearer or these outfits, who wouldn’t be able to see much at all. (Kudos to the models in this show, by the way. We’re guessing the fabric must be sheerer than it looks, allowing them to see through it to some extent, but it still can’t be easy to walk with your vision obscured like this. Modelling is HARD, as we know. And we must all suffer for fashion, apparently.) Now, because we DO actually like our readers, and don’t want to see any of you suffer THAT much in the name of fashion, we’re not going to force you to choose between these two looks. We did mention some bad news, however, and here it is:

comme des garcons fall 2014

Yes, THESE are the outfits we’re going to make you choose between. We hope you weren’t too attached to your arms: you’re not going to be seeing them for a while in these.

You should know the rules by now, but just in case you’re new to TFP, here’s a quick reminder:

1. You must choose one of the two outfits above to wear, IN PUBLIC, and without modifications.

2. If you don’t choose one of the two outfits, you die. Whoops.

3. Death is not an option.

So, let’s hear it: which of these two interesting pieces of outerwear would you choose to wear, if you had to wear one, or die?

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