Wear or Die | Comme des Fashion Criminals

It’s Wednesday – or “Wear or Die Day” as we like to think of it here at Fashion Police HQ, and that means it’s time to play everyone’s least-favourite game!

Today’s edition of Wear or Die features these two creations from the Comme des Garcons Spring/Summer 2014 collection:

wear or die

Totes artistic, as we’re sure someone is about to tell us, but the problem with that is, we’re not asking you to hang them on your wall, or admire them from a distance, are we? No, we’re asking you to WEAR them. On your body. And in public. Without making any modifications, or attempting to hide them in any way.

Oh yeah, and if you DON’T choose one of them to wear? You die. Sorry about that.

In order to avoid certain death, then, you must choose one of these two outfits to wear. Remember, death is not an option, (Mostly because it’s no fun if everyone just goes, “I die!” You’re not Rachel Zoe now, are you?)

So, which will you choose? Will you be, er, “pretty” in pink, or will you go back to black?

Which of these outfits would you wear, if you had to wear one… or DIE?

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