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Wardrobe Malfunction: Kristen Stewart leaves the labels on the soles of her shoes

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson And Taylor Lautner

Look, Twilight fans! It’s Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson And Taylor Lautner, all having their hand and footprints taken outside  Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood! But wait, what’s this:

Kristen Stewart attends a handprint ceremonyAh, that would be the price stickers on the soles of Kristen Stewart’s Brian Atwood shoes: one of our pet peeves.

Price stickers on the soles of shoesIn this case, it’s probably not actually Kristen’s fault: we would imagine that, as with most celebrities, the shoes were probably borrowed for the occasion, hence the stickers still being on the soles. (Although, in that case, the PR/stylist should still have removed them: it’s not like they’re going to still be able to sell them – at least, not at the price on the label – after they’ve been worn, is it?) This does, however, bring up two more of our favourite fashion gripes:

1. Borrowed shoes on celebrities

Look, we know you want to look good on the red carpet, and that even you celebs don’t have an endless amount of money to buy new clothes with, but for the love of God, just wear your own shoes! You’ll look better in a cheaper pair which a) actually fit you and b) don’t still have the stickers attached to them than you do in a designer pair that are three sizes too big and very obviously borrowed. (This isn’t directed just at Kristen, by the way: just a general gripe.)

2. Shoe manufacturers who stick labels on the soles of shoes

If we’re paying $400 for shoes, we don’t want to have to spend an hour peeling the labels off the soles (and isn’t that just the WORST? You know when it comes off in tiny little pieces and you have to pick away at it forever? GOD.) Actually, even if we’ve spent $50 on shoes, we don’t want to do that. STOP PUTTING STICKERS ON THE SOLES. There are other ways, you know! If you’re a high-end boutique or department store, you can place a little price card somewhere near the shoe on display. Even Matalan – MATALAN, for God’s sake – tie the price to the insole using a piece of elastic which just snips off once you’ve bought them, leaving the sole completely free. And if Matalan can do it, we’re sure everyone else can, too. (Actually, don’t Primark also do this? We think they do.)

Aaand breathe.

Kirsten sensibly changed out of the Brian Atwoods for the actual taking-of-the-footprint. We must say, it’s nice to see her looking happy, no? Such a pretty, pretty girl. We’ve also included shots of Taylor and R-Patz, just because it’s Friday and we love them you.

[Images: Fame]
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