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Wardrobe Malfunction: Princess Caroline of Hanover


Across the world tonight, thousands of little girls are abandoning their dream of one day being a princess, thanks to this picture of Princess Caroline of Hanover. Well, you wouldn’t want to marry royalty if it meant walking around in a dress like this, would you? It may be Chanel, but seriously, is that her nipple we can see there? Is this any way for a Princess to dress? WHAT WOULD PRINCESS GRACE SAY?

To be completely honest, the phrase "wardrobe malfunction" isn’t even strong enough to sum this up. It’s like her wardrobe went into complete and utter meltdown. Also: there appears to be a creepy "third arm" in this picture, and we can’t quite work it out, but we know that it’s wrong, and scary. (We’re talking about the Chanel dress now, by the way. Although the third arm is pretty freaky, too.)

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