Wanted! Wonderwoman vest and short set from Topshop

Wonderwoman vest and knikcers

When I was a little girl, Wonder Woman was my absolute idol. In fact, you know what? She kind of still is. Anyway, my dad made me a crown out of some old tinfoil and a cereal packet, and – by a stroke of amazing good luck – my parents managed to find me a Wonder woman vest and pants set, which I would wear with pride. So, of course, when I saw this set from Topshop I almost wet myself with excitement.

Anyway, it may not be from the much hyped Kate Moss range, but if you’re thinking of joining the mad crush in TopShop this week as you struggle to get your hands on a Kate-inspired number, swing by the lingerie department and pick up one of these, too. Unlike Kate Moss, they will never stop being fun…

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