Wanted! Terre Peck Belle Du Jour Shoes

Terre Peck Belle Du Jour Shoes

God? Are you there, it’s me, Amber. Please God, please can I have these shoes? I’ve been a good girl. I’ve honoured my mother and father, and I hardly covet my neighbour’s ass at all these days. And if you just send me these shoes I promise I’ll, I don’t know, feed the poor? Or something?


Wanted! Adam & Eve Gold Bow Dress

Adam & Eve Gold Bow Dress When we featured this gold bow dress back in the days of our old WordPress blog, I got loads of emails from people wanting to know where to buy it. Well, the dress is by Adam & Eve and it’s $495 from StandardStyle.com, but actually? Now that I see it on an actual person, I’m not so sure about it after all. It kinda looks a bit like a shiny gold sack to me. Just a little bit, though.

If you have the figure to carry this one off without looking like you weigh roughly 40 stone, good luck to you, it’s a great party dress. Me? I’d ook like a baby elephant in gold…

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