Wanted: Pink Retro Shift Dress from Candy Says

Speaking of sixties fashion, the fact that it’s now firmly back on the fashion radar means that it;s tine to hit the charity shops with a vengeance. If, like me, though, your local thrift stores stock nothing but shiny old anoraks and greying bras (No, I kid you not. They sell second hand underwear. For the love of God, WHY? And who buys it?), take a look at Candy Says where you have the added bonus of knowing that your new vintage item really will look – and, more importantly, smell – like new.


Actually, this genuine 60’s shift dress pretty much IS new. It’s unworn with tags and has a bit of a Paris Hilton meets Barbie vibe going on. Nice. If you want it, though, you’ll have to be European size 36, you’ll have to have £38 going begging, and you’ll have to hurry the hell up because it’s the only one they have.

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