Shoes, Wanted!

Wanted! Miu Miu Blue Satin T-Bar Pump

Miu Miu Blue Satin T-Bar Pump

Lookit these! Don’t you just love them? I love them. I want them. In fact, I’m going to write to Santa Claus right now and ask him to send me them asap. They’re by Miu Miu, they’re $530 (dammit!) and I couldn’t find them on the web (if you can, tell me where. I’ll be your best friend.) so if you want them you’re going to have to call 888-977-1900 for stockists.

Wanted! Claudio Merazzi Gold Platform Pumps

Claudio Merazzi Gold Platform Pumps

Platform shoes have been hard for me to learn to love again (and by "again" I mean "since the last time they were in fashion. Yes, I am that old.) It was unfortunate that they came back at a time when skinny jeans had just won me over and wee twiggy legs + great bit clumpy feet do not a good look make. Now, though? Now I love my platforms again (although only with dresses), and I curse the day I threw my last pair away. All of which brings me to Zappos, and these gold Claudio Merazzi platforms which I found there. I love these. Don’t love the  $600 price tag, but I do love the soft gold leather, the sexy high heel and – well, everything about them, really. Perfection in a platform.

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