Wanted! Hollywould’s Fuschia Satin Fetish Shoes

Hollywould's Fuschia Satin Fetish Shoes
Now, before y’all tell me I done lost my mind, I know it’s probably very wrong of me to want these shoes. They’re too pink, too fluffy, and, yes, they look like Barabara Cartland would have been right at home in them, for sure. (They also totally clash with the colours of my blawg, and GOD, I hate that) But you know what? Sometimes I think we all need something just a bit too pink and too fluffy in our lives. I mean, don’t we? These shoes are that pink fluffy thing. Embrace them.

Pink polka dot peep toes from Delia’s

Pink polka dot shoes

I’m absolutely loving Delia’s right now. We’re stuck here at the dog end of a long, cold winter, and Delia’s is just filled to the prim with colourful, cheap things that make it all better. And I know the sheer Barbie-ness of these shoes should automatically make me turn my nose up at them, but I’m not going to: I love the curvy shape of them, I love the polka dots – and yes, I even love the bubble-gum pink colour. They also come in black and yellow, and you know what? I’d totally buy those, too.

Topshop’s red cone heel shoes

Topshop's red cone heel shoes

Just to show Topshop there’s no hard feelings, I’ve just added these to my special "I Want!" file. Red shoes are my weakness, and I the little cone heel on these ones makes them a nice alternative to all of the ballet flats I keep buying lately. Great with skinny jeans, a flippy summer skirt or even shorts, and £40 at Topshop. Just don’t wear them with the big ol’ tunic is all I’m saying…

Lotus leopard print sandals


Oh, how I want these… I fist saw them at ASOS a few months ago, but they went out of stock before I could buy them. Of course, now that they’re back in stock, I still don’t have the £90 I’d need to actually buy them, but at least I know now that if I DO suddenly find a spare £90 lying around – maybe stuffed down the back of the sofa or something? Hey, it could happen – I could make them mine.


  • January 10, 2007


    oof, I don’t know where you’d wear them, except to maybe carnival or a beauty contest, but they is some purty shoes.

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  • November 13, 2008


    Did you ever find the shoes? If yes, where? I am looking for bright pink shoes for my wedding in June and these would be great. Thanks.

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