Wanted! Faith Buckle Strap Long Boots

Faith Buckled Strap Long Boots

I have this problem with boots – or, more specifically, I have this problem with my legs. See, I have kinda weedy legs. The kind of legs that make tall boots look like wellies. For this reason, I hardly ever wear long boots: they just look ridiculous on me, and make me feel like a farmer. (No offense to the farmers amongst you, btw.)

Last year, though? Last year I found the perfect boots. Why, they were these boots! The very ones on this page! Except no, they weren’t.

The boots I found – the perfect boots I found – were significantly cheaper than these. In fact, they were £40, from a cheap-ass store in my town that I can’t even bring myself to name. They were only the second pair of boots I’d ever found that actually fit my legs and didn’t look like wellies, though, so of course, I bought ’em. In fact, I bought two pairs: black and tan. Well, it’s only money, isn’t it? And two pairs of boots for £40 is a pretty good deal, no?

Ever since I found my perfect boots, though, I have been tortured by them, in much the same way that Frodo was tortured by The One Ring. What if something happens to my Perfect Boots? I think to myself, daily. I mean, sooner or later, they’ll wear out. Indeed, the tan pair are already almost worn out. (I had me a bit of a "tan boot" moment last winter. It lasted for months). I’ll probably get one more season out of the black pair now I’ve had them heeled and soled, but what then? What happens when the Perfect Boots are no more, and I’m thrown back into the "ankle boots and court shoe only" wilderness. WHAT THEN, people?

The reason I’m telling you all of this? To illustrate how very pleased I was to find my Perfect Boots (or a pair very like them) being sold at Faith. And even although at £90 they are more than twice the price of the originals, I still want them. (SEND MONEY)

Buy them here: Faith Buckled Strap Long Boots

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