Wanted! Dolce & Gabanna Satin Evening Coat

Dolce & Gabanna Satin Evening Coat

The phrase "I want this – give me it" doesn’t really cover how I feel about this coat. I mean, y’all know I love me some evening coats, right? Well, now I feel kinda silly for drooling over those Warehouse numbers when this was out there all along. Lookit! The gorgeous, jewel-green satin, the fabulous, low cut collar, the shape of the thing! It makes those two Warehouse coats look like a coupla sacks, doesn’t it? This is £495 at Net-a-Porter, but seriously, if the Devil himself were to pop up right about now and offer to buy my soul in exchange for it, I’d be all, "Pull up a seat, Beelzebub – let’s talk." Santa? I hope you’re reading this, dude…

Wanted! Yellow Button Collar Jacket from Miss Selfridge


Just speaking of the Miss Selfridge sale, isn’t this pretty? Say it is pretty. If I wasn’t currently being compelled to spend all my money on lingerie for my honeymoon, this baby would SO be coming home with Amber. I mean, it’s £25 – TWENTY. FIVE. POUNDS, people. And also: pretty. It’s the kind of jacket you could still wear into Spring, too, and come to think of it, would have made a nice "going away" jacket, if, of course, I didn’t already have me a nice "going away" jacket. Damn…

Crime of Fashion: ‘Lady Day’ by Irregular Choice

lady day by Irregular Choice

OK, Irregular Choice, you know we love you, don’t you? I mean, we’re pals. We’ve defended you when all around you, people were calling for your blood. While they called you “ugly” and “freakish”, we admired your unique, individual style and the fact that you dare to be different.

Irregular Choice, we can defend you no more. Not when you come out with things like this. I mean, at the risk of sounding like Nikki from Big Brother – what IS this? It’s like… like a wedge made out of granny’s old curtains, with some soggy old lettuce stapled to it. Oh no, IC, this is almost unforgivable – almost. We still love you for now, but your coat is on a shaky nail. Bring out more shoes like this and we can’t be your pals no more. Sorry.

Wanted! Warehouse’s Occassion Coats

Warehouse's Occassion Coats

How many times have you gotten all dressed up for a party, only to go and spoil it all by throwing on some bulky great overcoat over the top? Never? Well then, you’re a better person – or at least, a better dressed person – than me. I’m guilty of committing this particular crime of fashion all the time, which is why I’m drawn to these lovely posh occasion coats at Warehouse. The only problem is which one to choose? The white is sparkier and more versatile, but green is my very favourite colour… They’re £70 each.

Linen bow jackets from River Island


I just found my must-have summer jacket in River Island, so of course I raced home to write about it (well, I couldn’t afford to actually buy it this close to pay-day, so writing about it here was the next best thing) … and found that they didn’t have it on the website. These? They’re not it. Sorry. They are pretty cute, though, no? I’m imagining them with this seasons flood-length jeans (in black), a great big pair of dark sunnies, et voila – a cute, sophisticated summer look a la Audrey Hepburn. I’d probably buy both colours, but then I? Am crazy.

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