Lingerie, Wanted!

Wanted! Absolutely Everything from the Accessorize Lingerie Department…

Sexy Lingerie

Having just booked my honeymoon (YES! YES! I AM GOING ON HONEYMOON! SOON! WOO HOOO!) I find myself suddenly obsessed – perhaps unhealthily so – with buying lingerie, and, more specifically, buying lingerie from Accessorize. See, I’m not much of a “lace stockings and suspenders” kind of a gal. No, I like my undies colourful and I like them fun. Hopefully I’ll always feel like this, even when I am 91, but actually, probably not. Can you blame me, though? I mean, lookit! Fun, flirty and fashionable (oh the aliteration, it is embarrassing!), and also: cheap. See more after the jump, but just remember: these are MY pants (I mean “mine as in I’m totally going to buy them soon” not mine as in “ACTUALLY belonging to me”) so don’t y’all be buying them up now…

Sexy Lacy Pants

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