Wanted! Six Spring Pieces from Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins spring fashion

Everyone has their favourite fashion season, and our would most definitely be spring. Particularly THIS spring. We’re totally in love with all of the pretty pastel colours, the big skirts, the polka dots and the stripes this season has seen fit to bestow upon us, and every day seems to bring new items to add to our WANTED! list. We’re particularly impressed with the current spring collection at Dorothy Perkins: here are six of our favourite things, which we’re hoping you’ll go and buy, so we don’t have to…

01. The baby blue sweater, £18

It’s still sweater weather, and probably will be for a while yet. Baby blue has been one of the big colour trends of the season, and we love the way it seems to brighten everything up. This one will look good with everything from jeans to pencil skirts, and is only £18.

02. The mint pencil dress, £32

Mint green has been popular for a couple of years now, and we’re not complaining: it’s one of our favourite shades, and a nice, fresh colour for spring. You can’t quite see from the image, but this mint pencil dress is overlaid with bonded lace, which makes it that little bit more special.

03. The full skirt, £28

This skirt is available in lilac, navy and white. We’re showing you the lilac version because it’s the most unusual of the three (and because we’re obsessed with pastels, let’s face it…), but we’d happily wear all of them. Just not at the same time, obviously.

04. The polka dot pencil skirt, £18

Polka dots never really go out of fashion, and neither do pencil skirts: there are lots of both around right now, and this high-waisted skirt is a nice combination of the two.

05. The pink bag, £18

We couldn’t really do a spring roundup without including something pink: it’s the trend that just won’t quit, and this pink bowler bag is a cute way to get in on in without looking like you’ve been “Barbie’d”.

06. The pastel biker jacket, £49

A little bit more mint to finish off our list. The pastel shade updates the classic moto jacket nicely: it’s not real leather, but you wouldn’t expect it to be at that price, and it’ll be a great way to keep warm in those chilly April winds, while still getting into the spirit of the season.

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