Wanted for multiple offences: Bianca Animal Jumpsuit from Boohoo

Animal print? Check. Harem pants? Check. Onesie? Check. Ill-fitting across bust? Apparently check! There is little right about this jumpsuit.

But a closer look reveals that the bottom part of this little number doesn’t fall strictly within the harem pant genre. The shape is less “slouchy boho chic” and more “excess fabric creates tent-effect around hips”. The point of which we really can’t see, and assume accounts for the model’s forced-looking stance…

Just to put the final nail in the coffin, it’s a polyester-cotton blend. Which probably explains the bargain price tag. Still, at this price at least you won’t suffer buyer’s remorse, once you realise what a huge, criminal mistake the wholle look is!

Bianca animal jumpsuit, £20 from Boohoo.

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