Wanted! Best Basics by Phoenix J

wardrobe basics

We’ve talked a lot about capsule wardrobes and closet essentials lately, and it’s a subject close to our hearts. We believe that the secret to being stylish in any situation (and ever having one of those “I have nothing to wear!” moments, is to have an arsenal of tried-and-trusted basics at your disposal, which can form the basis of an outfit for any occasion. Here are four basics we love from Phoenix J

01. The Classic-With-a-Twist Trench, $188

A trench coat is one of our personal wardrobe staples for this type of year. We love the classic beige trench, but we also love this gorgeous black number, which has quilted sleeves, back and trim for a bit of added edge.

02. The Little Black Dress, $130

We’re constantly being told that “every woman” needs a little black dress, and we’re constantly retorting that no, she really doesn’t. Not every woman needs a dress AT ALL, and for those who do, it doesn’t necessarily have to be black: instead, we recommend settling on a “signature” colour that’s versatile and flattering, and which makes you feel fantastic. If that colour happens to be black, however (and for many people, black does remain the fallback colour), you could do a lot worse than this black, slash-neck dress in a comfortable jersey knit. It’ll dress up or down with ease, take you just about anywhere, and, best of all, it’ll be comfortable. Because you can’t be stylish if you’re not comfortable…

03. The Skinny Black Pants, $100 [More pants here]

We don’t claim to speak for everyone, but we don’t think we’d want to live without at least one pair of skinny black pants: preferably more. These ones have a high-waist, which gives them a classic feel, with no muffin-top. We wish there were more high-waisted pants in the world: the low-rise is not a friend of the pear-shaped, the long-torso’d or the short-legged.

04. The Cropped Cardigan, $95

Cardigans are one of those items that are often cited as a wardrobe basic, but they can actually be quite hard to get right: too many cardis end up looking saggy, sad, and just a little bit frumpy. In order to avoid all of this, we recommend going for a cropped, close-fitting style, that will keep you warm, and make sleeveless dresses and tops a little more wearable, without completely concealing them, or swamping your figure with too much fabric.

You can find all of these items – and more – at the Phoenix J website.


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