Walter Steiger’s (almost) heel-less sequined shoes: wow


When we look at an item of clothing, and it takes us a few seconds to recognise that it IS an item of clothing, we know instantly that it belongs here on

At first glance, these Walter Steiger shoes could’ve been a fancy ornament. Or an old-fashioned iron. That had been, er, covered in sequins. Or a door stop.  Or sequined ice skates. Of course, they are none of these things (although you could use them as ornaments or door stops if you really wanted too. Ironing with them may be a little tricky, though.): they’re shoes, and what shoes they are!

They’re not quite "heel-less" in the way that some of the shoes we’ve shown you recently have been, but they’re certainly getting there. We don’t think they’d fail to turn heads anyway, put it that way.

Would they be turning heads in a good way or a bad way, though, do you think? If you love them – and want them – you’ll find a list of stockists at the Walter Steiger website. No prices, though: we’re almost afraid to ask…


  • November 19, 2008

    Amanda Nicole

    The only person I’ve seen able to pull off the heelless look is V. Becks, and I don’t think even she would wear these. Shudder.

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  • November 19, 2008


    Ok, arrest me! I want this shoe.

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