Waistband Stretchers and Where to Buy Them

I have a confession to make here: no one actually asked us about waistband stretchers. Over at my other blog, Forever Amber, though, I get so many hits every day from people who’ve found me having run a search for “waistband stretchers” (seriously, we’re talking five or six hits per day, and all because I once wrote a post about my attempt to buy one of these damn things) that I’m convinced there is a real demand out there for devices which make your jeans fit better. Yes, y’all need waistband stretchers, apparently, and you need ’em bad! Enter the Fashion Police…

So, what can I tell you about waistband stretchers? Well, not much as it happens. Yes, I once ordered a waistband stretcher. No, it did not turn up. My loss? Well, not really, because I will let you into a secret: I may not know whether or not waistband stretchers work (although I’m guessing they do, or I wouldn’t get so much traffic from people looking for them) but I’ll tell you what does work: water. Yes good old fashion H20. Just dampen the waistband of your jeans, slip them on (or shoehorn them on if you have to – well, you’re not lookin’ for a waistband stretcher for nothing, are you?) and off you go!

Where do you go? Well, wherever you like, really. Wear the jeans for at least half an hour. Make sure you stand up and sit down a few times in them. (Yes, I know it hurts) Voila! The waistband will stretch! Whaddya mean you don’t want to do that? You still want a waistband stretcher? Well, OK, here they are:

Waistbandstretcher_1 Waistband Stretcher from Amazon USA – $30waist band stretcher USA
Heart Land America – $19.99
Waistband stretcher
Care Free Shopping UK – £5.49

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