Dress of the Day: Vivienne Westwood Red Label jersey corset dress

Vivienne_westwood If The Fashion Police had the spare cash, we’d probably buy most, if not all, of Vivienne Westwood’s dresses. And actually, we’d take all of her jackets too, because damn, but that woman knows how to tailor.

Take this jersey corset dress for the Red Label line, for instance. Now this is just a simple black dress, with a bardot style top and a cinched in waist. Some might even call it "dull", but the thing is, you can tell just by looking at it that this is the kind of dress that you’d pull on and instantly feel fabulous in. The kind of dress you’d want to keep for years, and which would become your "fallback" outfit for every special occasion.

In other words: we like it. Do you?

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